TeamCoco babe Hannah Tan-Gillies tried out Cointreau’s ‘Mix me a Margarita’ at-home cocktail and paint by numbers kit – creating her own version of Acapulco, while sipping on the perfect Original Cointreau Margarita.

The at-home margarita cocktail-making and painting experience taps into two of this journalist’s key passions — cocktails and arts & crafts. There is seriously nothing more therapeutic then directing all your creative energy into a work of art, especially when accompanied by a cocktail.

The ‘Mix me a Margarita’ kit comes with everything you need to create your own Original Cointreau margarita cocktail and also includes a recipe for the perfect margarita on-the-rocks. The kit comes with a 35cl bottle of Cointreau, two rocks glasses, an orange Cointreau lime squeezer, Maldon salt, six fresh limes, and a complete paint by numbers set.

To create the perfect Cointreau margarita on the rocks, you start by rubbing the glass rim with a fresh lime wheel and adding salt for the perfect hint of tartness. Combine 30ml of Cointreau, 50ml of Blanco Tequila (also included) and 20ml of fresh lime juice in a cocktail shaker, then shake and strain into the ice-filled salt-rimmed glass. As a final flourish, garnish your drink with a fresh lime wheel.

The Original Cointreau margarita is the perfect companion (and inspiration) for your painting by numbers experience. My masterpiece took a few sittings to complete and offered hours and hours of ASMR-inducing creative fun. The finished product evokes memories of Acapulco and shares the same warm colour palette as a bottle of Cointreau. While it may seem daunting (and quite complex) at first, once you get the creative juices flowing it becomes impossible to stop.

Thanks to Cointreau, you can now relive your childhood memories of painstakingly colouring within lines, with the added benefit of enjoying a margarita, because hey – you’re an adult now – and everything is better with a margarita, especially if it’s made with Cointreau.

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