Whether you’re keen to accentuate particular features in your home, light up a staircase for a little stylish safety, or update the look and feel of a room – you’re about to embark on a quest that’s as exciting as it is affordable. Before you head out to pick up a set of LED strip lights, take a look below to really get to grips with what you can do with these unique types of lighting – and see just what they could add to your home.

Add Ambience with LED Strip Lights

Ambience can be hugely important with a home, whether you’ve opted for the same atmosphere throughout the property, or a more unique alternative by going room to room. A few of the most appealing things about LED lighting are that most products will feature the option to dim their brightness, choose the ideal colour, or simply opt for a traditional warm or cold hue, so the opportunities to create a unique atmosphere with colourful LED strip lights are almost endless. Unlike traditional bulbs, LED strips combine style, diversity and luxury – allowing you to customise the ambience at the push of a button.

Accentuate Artwork and Décor

Ever wanted to showcase your favourite piece of artwork, draw attention to a particular feature in a room, or add something a little more eye-catching to specific elements in your home? LED strip lights can be the ideal solution in all of the above instances and more. As they can be maneuvered, twisted, folded and bent around angles of all types, you’ll find them easy to install and use – and that mundane feature could quickly go from invisible to iconic with minimal fuss.

Illuminate Shelves and Cabinets

Whether you’re planning to make it easier to find a particular item on the shelf or inside a cabinet, or if you’d prefer to add a little style and class to a specific set of shelves – LED strip lights can be the ideal solution. With battery options being easily concealed on the shelf or inside the cabinet, they can be the perfect option, or if you’ve been clever with your wiring, you could enjoy endless lighting at the press of a switch that really draws attention to the underside of a bookshelf, a unit, or any furniture that may need a little extra ambience.

Create a Stunning Headboard

Imagine going to bed in style and waking up knowing that your bedroom looks even more elegant than you could have imagined. LED strip lights can be the ideal complement to a headboard, no matter its size or shape. You could run them behind the board for a little ambient glow emanating up the wall, on top of the board for extra visibility, or facing outwards to add a bit of romance or a calming tone. Just be sure to dim the brightness, or you might find yourself seeing stars as you close your eyes and prepare to sleep.

Light Up Outdoor Spaces

One of the most appealing things about LED lighting is that some models are designed to be waterproof and can be used outdoors. These will feature more durable materials and will typically be housed securely, so as long as you keep them out of direct sunlight and rain – you’ll be enjoying the ambience for years to come. What better way to enhance the atmosphere of decking, a patio, or outdoor furniture than with LED strips to really make everyone feel right at home?

Get Creative with DIY Projects

With a wide variety of cuttable LED strips on the market, you could literally slice and fit to your heart’s content. As long as you don’t go through the power source (battery or outlet), you’ll find options to fit LED strips to all sorts of things – adding a little more excitement to DIY projects whether they are for fun or to sell online. LED strips will often have small plastic adaptors making it easy to cut and connect as you see fit, and if you opt for a USB version, there’s no telling what you could make with a trusty power bank connected and concealed within your project. Mirrors, car interiors, wedding gifts, vases; you name it and we’re sure you’ll be creating it in no time.

Choosing the Right LED Strip Lights

As versatile as LED strip lights are, they are also varied, so choosing the right type shouldn’t be a chore. Before you make the decision to buy, be sure to check out our products – and once you’ve decided how best to power them (battery, plug, USB), the colours you like, the tone and brightness and even the length; you’ll find choosing the ideal type (or types) all the easier.


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