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Curls for Days

If you have naturally curly hair, you’ll know it’s not a good idea to overwash it as this will lead to loss of natural oils and leave you with dry

If you have naturally curly hair, you’ll know it’s not a good idea to overwash it as this will lead to loss of natural oils and leave you with dry, lifeless curls prone to breakage. Basically a big no no! Because of this, the advice is to wash your hair twice, maybe three times a week to keep your hair well nourished, and this applies to any hair, not just curly hair. So, what do we do when it comes to exercise and the dreaded sweat and humidity frizz ball that often comes with it? Some may say avoid exercise, but here at House of Coco we are massive fans of getting a sweat on, so that’s not an option!

So rather than adding your hair to the list of 100 reasons why you shouldn’t go to spin today, we’re going to give you our top tips on how to manage those locks pre and post workout. Whether you’re smashing a 5k before work or attending your weekly Hiit after a long day, these tips will be sure to keep those curls looking effortlessly gorgeous throughout.

1) Keep your hair away from any neck or facial sweat by tying it loosely on top of your head with a scrunchie. The Boucleme animal print ones are perfect for this as they’re not too tight but tight enough to hold the hair with just one wrap, so won’t disrupt the curl pattern for the rest of the day if you have plans after.

2) If you’re prone to getting really sweaty, wear a head band, but be sure to use a sweat-wicking one that isn’t too tight as this will flatten your curls (like hat hair) and will only give you a headache if it’s too tight.

3) Don’t be tempted to keep touching your hair throughout your workout, again this will only disrupt the curl and will only contribute to the already dreaded frizzy hair. On top of this, your hands will be full of sweat, yuck!

4) When you’ve finished your workout, take a shower keeping the hair dry and wash away that sweat, especially off of your neck! Shower caps are great for keeping your hair dry, even if you do momentarily resemble your Great Gran.

5) After your shower, let your hair down and give it a good shake. Turn your head upside down, rub some curl cream in your hands and scrunch it throughout all of your hair. Then do the same with a good quality oil, Moroccan oil is one of the best you’ll get due to its high Moroccan oil content. Again scrunch this through the hair, focusing more on the roots, giving that extra moisture boost and much needed gloss.

6) Do not apply too much product as your hair will only end up looking greasy.

So there you have it, our six top tips to ensure your curls look as bouncy and alive after your workout as when you started, even if you don’t feel the same! Now you can go and absolutely boss your day and nobody will ever know you was a hot mess just half an hour ago.