Dangerous Desserts for the Adventurous Foodie

We've all heard of the wild concoctions from charcoal ice cream to gold leaf cake, but those are just exciting variants that, albeit curious, don't necessarily challenge you when [...]

We’ve all heard of the wild concoctions from charcoal ice cream to gold leaf cake, but those are just exciting variants that, albeit curious, don’t necessarily challenge you when you decide to take it on. The culinary world has always seen many an attempt to change things up and still come up with something delicious, and sometimes these can be a challenge to consume for one reason or another. In America alone, people are eating more dessert than before. It’s no wonder the dental industry is also increasing in need of orthodontics appliances as sweet teeth tap into everyone.

Are you not looking to be careful with what you eat? Here are some of the most interesting challenges to explore with your taste buds.

  • Tokyo’s Tallest Ice Cream Cone

This one is not necessarily made of any weird ingredients or the like, but the danger comes with navigating a tower of ice cream that’s over nine inches tall teetering on a cone. The huge ice cream is offered in Tokyo’s Nakano Broadway district and caters to those who could eat all the goodness themselves and also want to get a taste of everything. Yes, everything. The towering confection is made up of eight different flavours that are periodically changed depending on their line-up.

Some of the staples that aren’t necessarily out of the box are mocha, vanilla, and the like. The more interesting flavours that would appeal to those looking for something new includeramune, matcha, and grape.

  • Cricket Goodies

This one is more of a matter of will, since most people may not be completely prepared for the notion that you can eat insects. Among the many purposely bug-filled delights you can try out if you’re adventurous are the many variations of cricket offerings. There are fritters, ginger cookies, snaps, and even cheesecakes to try out. All of them have the main ingredient of crickets as the extra special touch, and if you’re still in an ice cream mood, some even offer soft serve with cricket toppings.

It’s an exciting way to consume some protein, and it can be pretty tasty to boot.

  • The Flaming Sundae

Yes, a flambe is not unheard of and pretty much just another way to provide a toasty dessert. But this particular variation was put out of commission in the 1950s because it involved serving a sundae with some sugar cubes and marshmallows on top that were then covered with lemon extract and set aflame. That created a remarkable effect of a fiery dessert that blended the hot and cold and still danced in your mouth in extremely sweet fashion. If you think about it, the danger might lie more so in the amount of sugar than the blast of fire.

Though that particular variation was halted, there are still restaurants that serve ice cream lit up, and you can do your first spoon dip while it is still aflame.

Are you thinking of something to spice up your dessert adventures? Try these out for yourself!

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