Design a Photo Wedding Invitation to Show Your Passion

When someone receives a wedding invitation in the mail, they open it, read it, and throw it in the pile on their counter—typically. But surprise them with photo wedding invitations, and it will likely get displayed on their refrigerator. You may not be known as being creative. You may not even consider yourself artistic. But that’s where Mixbook comes in. Mixbook allows you to choose from countless pre-designed invitations with the colors, embellishments, and themes already done.

If you want to wow your recipients, take charge of your creativity and design your own! Or choose a predesigned wedding invitation and customize it to match your wedding theme. Although you have an overwhelming list of wedding planning to do, don’t think you have the time to design a completely personalized photo wedding invitation, you actually do. Using Mixbook’s website interface and having access to their fantastic customer service representatives make it possible to bring out your talent!

You Really Can Create a Personalized Wedding Invitation

You’ve been there; stared at the blank sheet of paper and couldn’t begin to visualize a design for your wedding invitation. You’re not alone. Mixbook understands how special your wedding is and wants to bring out your passion and creativity so you’ll be excited and proud to send your invitations. There are many choices to pick from including fancy text, choice of foils, graphics, and shapes. If your wedding is more of a formal setting, a vintage crest cut edge makes for a royal look. For the minimalist feel, use standard square edges or a rounded edge. If you prefer your wedding to have a fun and lighthearted feel, choose a ticket cutout design.

Colors are important, and you likely have a color theme. Mixbook places a menu on each design page to choose colors for text, designs, or borders. You can choose style, format, and orientation, and premade designs appear on the screen. Each will allow modifications and a place for your information. Or start with a Blank Card and choose all the options yourself. Add Save-the-Date magnets or postcards to really set your wedding theme.

Overwhelmed? Mixbook is Ready to Help

Mixbook offers a few areas to get help; a “How To’s” page, a “Get Inspired” page, a choice to “chat” with a representative, or you can call and speak to a knowledgeable and friendly staff member. Your questions will get answered, and any advice you need is available to help your design process go smoothly. If you prefer, you can be at your computer with your photo wedding invitation card on the screen, and a representative will talk you through the options you need. Mixbook offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products. If you receive your order and it’s wrong, you can return it for a refund or credit towards another purchase.

An Invitation You Create From Your Heart

In order to visualize your final design, it takes good options and ideas to put the pieces together. Mixbook makes the process simple so you can shine! You don’t need to be an artist or professional designer to envision and complete a beautiful photo wedding invitation. The finished product will truly be a personal invitation you created from your heart.

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