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Mena showcased her debut collection at last years Manchester Fashion Festival and since then she has been turning heads - a rising star that is sure to set the fashion

August 9th, 2019

Mena showcased her debut collection at last years Manchester Fashion Festival and since then she has been turning heads – a rising star that is sure to set the fashion world on fire with unique and immensely beautiful pieces. Thank you Mena and welcome to the House of Coco offices…

Who are your fashion inspirations?

The beloved Princess Diana, she embraced the etiquetteness of
dressing like a royal, whilst setting her own fashion statements and
rules, the sexy sequin blue dress she wore when dancing with John
Travolta is my all-time favourite dress she wore. And most importantly, Madonna, and My Mama, Soraya. Their empowered persona, daring sensuality and spirit of fashion is what inspires me.

What’s your go to key piece of clothing?

A dress or top that has definitive shoulder details, anything that shapes the shoulders will frame the face, going with that extra detail like a ruffle.

A Bardot dress makes all the difference to my smile.

How important is it to you that we influence and inspire the
youth of today? And what do you do to achieve that job

Everyone is concerned with getting successful results, quick and fast, forgetting that one picture, or one moment, can summaries 10 years of hard work, persistence and perseverance.

By volunteering in pursuit of your passion, by contacting those people who can help get you there and always have belief in the beauty of your dreams.

That’s where you can help others see that it’s all a journey, and we are all students when achieving our dreams. I plan to take on students in my luxury label to hold the legacy of Couture in Manchester, that is so rare in the UK, making it the first luxury house outside of London to produce evening wear in couture by a young designer.

What has been your perfect holiday so far?

Resting and exploring the treasures and culture of Jordan, sleeping in the desert dunes under the clearest night sky and stars, then swimming in the dead sea and being coated head-to-toe in its salty mud minerals. It was all adventure and recognizing a culture familiar to my own, I loved it!

What are your handbag essentials when abroad?

Coconut oil, L’Oreal’s clear eyebrow and eyelash gel mascara, my
favourite snack pack of raisins and almonds, Mui Mui’s signature
perfume and I never leave the house without at least some safety pins!

Ideal holiday destination

I adore the Mexican guitar, and all that comes with the Mexican City, Cancun. Nothing seems more sensual and story telling than a woman wearing a red asymmetrical flamenco dress in a short, daring length, dancing away on a balmy back- alley of a small local restaurant outside under the night sky.

How do you detox from social media?

Quite simply rid myself of toxic people and their negative energies, their expectations and wealth. Whilst cutting back and adding more fulfilling activities that sometimes, cannot be captured, or even understood, like meditating and being comfortable in your own skin. This is very important to me, the more confidence I have in myself, the more I can create and give to my world.

If you had to have 4 women past or present over for dinner,who would the be and why?

My wise and outrageously funny grandmother who could put a smile to all friends and foe in all situations. The queen of Egypt Cleopatra and queen of England Elizabeth 1, as I’m fascinated by their lives and how they conducted their countries and empire, and history of their time, fashion and art. And then at the end, get Shakira to perform a medley of her greatest hits and the rest of us would sway our hips to dessert. Bliss.

When you were a little girl – what did you want to be?

Archaeologist! – I loved the idea of telling and reading stories of the exhibitions I visited of Ancient Egypt, the history of its people, how they lived, what they wore and discovering their culture. It’s has influenced way I work today and my research.

Working from home or working in a coffee shop?

At home, I am most creative and have my studio to work all day and night to for inspiration and research.

Tell us about a hidden gem where you live!

I have a library of all the books I have read, my parents’ books passed down, from non-fiction to-fiction, it’s not what most expect but it’s my kind of chocolate treat- knowledge is power!

What are your favourite pieces in your current collection

The Madonna dress, look 4 from the Spring Summer 2019 Primavera Collection, that is detailed with star hand embroidered Chantilly-Silk lace and sequin, pearl-beads.

Look 9, the Solstice Yellow Silk-Taffeta rouched dress with its tiered
voluminous-ruffle hem and belt wrap bow detail. It’s a celebration to the beloved Princess Diana and Madonna, and My Mama, Soraya.

Their empowered persona, daring sensuality and spirit of fashion is what inspired these dresses, alongside the key details from my Mother’s wedding dress.

How do you balance your busy work life and make sure you get downtime

It’s important to be with the ones who love and support you, along side sticking to the routines that you enjoy and add quality to your life, mine are yoga, family, a good book and drinking feel-good fruit smoothies.

Where do you escape to that’s local?

To my old primary school, Chorlton park, it has the most beautiful cherry blossom trees in the summer, springs up my walks and thinking time.

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Taheed Khan

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