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Discovering Nature's Inspiration with Rebecca Bauldry: Weaving Sustainable Dreams into Luxury Designs

Discovering Nature's Inspiration with Rebecca Bauldry: Weaving Sustainable Dreams into Luxury Designs

As we explore the world of Bauldry Botanicals through this interview, let's be inspired to weave our dreams with the colours of nature

August 30th, 2023

In a world where hustle and bustle often take center stage, there are those who find solace and inspiration in the embrace of nature's wonders. Rebecca Bauldry, the visionary founder behind Bauldry Botanicals, is one such soul whose journey of self-discovery led to the creation of a brand that intertwines the ethereal beauty of nature with luxurious design.

Guided by a family lineage steeped in interior design, Rebecca forged a partnership with her mother, merging their respective skills to cultivate a brand centered on positivity. The result is a harmony of fabrics and luxury fashion, woven into designs that celebrate uniqueness and empowerment.

In an exclusive interview with House of Coco, Rebecca Bauldry shares the captivating narrative of her venture into the world of luxury fabrics and sustainable design. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of reconnecting with nature, the art of mindful creation, and the enduring impact of a sustainable ethos...

What inspired you to start Bauldry Botanicals and pursue a career in luxury fabrics and sustainable design?

This journey began at a time when I was searching for peace and a way of connecting the healing powers of nature while rediscovering my creativity. Growing and nurturing flowers and edibles restored my heart and mind, encouraging me to live in the moment and create a life filled with color and purpose. Nature requires patience and cannot be rushed. From small sketches, digital illustrations blossomed, eventually leading to complete designs. With a family background in interiors, a business partnership between my mother and me grew, allowing us to combine her expertise with fabrics and my experience in luxury fashion and education in costume design.

Bauldry Botanicals has a strong connection with nature and a commitment to conscious living. Can you share a defining moment that reinforced your commitment to sustainability?

In my mid-twenties, I embarked on a solo journey to Laos. During this time, I experienced a deep and spiritual connection between rural communities and their landscape. I witnessed the growth and harvesting of bamboo for homes, families working together, vegetable plots brimming with nourishing feasts, jungles offering natural remedies, and a profound spiritual connection between ancestors and the earth. I learned about the conscious journey from cotton to hemp, natural dyes sourced from fruits and roots, loom weaving, and handmade creations. The bond between women through fabrics and nature transcended language barriers. This experience solidified my commitment to sustainability and nature.

Your designs aim to create spaces filled with positivity and happiness. How do you infuse these emotions into your creations?

Happiness encompasses a spectrum of emotions for different people, from seeking safety to discovering hidden passions. By offering a kaleidoscope of colors, we provide our audience with the opportunity to explore their personal happiness through bold and unique designs. Positivity isn't just about self-expression and empowering viewpoints; it also involves earth-conscious choices and sustainable living.

Our current collection revolves around the emotion of spring, capturing the strength to flourish after darkness. Like old friends reuniting after time apart, bulbs greet us each season, reflecting the changing seasons and resonating with our community members' vision of happiness.

Bauldry Botanicals products celebrate the beauty of nature. Could you share some behind-the-scenes stories of how your team translates nature’s wonders into stunning designs?

All the flowers in our designs have been personally grown and nurtured by me and the Bauldry Botanicals Family. Each flower represents a moment in time, woven together to create a tapestry of memories and connections to nature. The journey from seed to design is celebrated within our creations, with every piece connecting to nature, from wood pulp zips colored with plant dyes to organic cotton and hemp materials.

"Colorful and conscious living" is a powerful mantra for your brand. How do you encourage customers to adopt this mindset in their homes and lives?

Our newsletter is a key way we engage with our community. We offer recipes for edibles, skincare, and wellbeing, along with lifestyle inspiration focused on color emotions, chakras, gemstone healing, and seasonal/lunar cycles. Bauldry Botanicals isn't just about home decor; it's about inspiring a lifestyle that embraces color, self-expression, and individuality. We encourage people to live boldly, unapologetically, and in harmony with nature.

The concept of a safe haven for all creatures is heartwarming. How does Bauldry Botanicals contribute to environmental conservation and wildlife protection?

The Bauldry Botanicals Family actively volunteers for various wildlife conservation projects, including beach cleanups and biodiversity initiatives in green spaces. Additionally, we are committed to using only organic, plant-derived materials and sustainable alternatives. By 2025, we aim to donate a percentage of our sales to projects aligned with our community's values.

Your love-filled creations warm hearts. Could you share a customer story where your designs profoundly impacted their lives?

One touching project involved a mother who wanted to create a pillow for her daughter embarking on a journey. We designed a bespoke fabric with colors that matched a cherished family keepsake. However, it was the connection this small item facilitated between the daughter and her loved ones that truly touched us. A cushion offers a sense of home, comfort, and emotional release, symbolizing the importance of seemingly simple items in our lives.

"An adventure embodying the joy of spring" is a beautiful concept. How do you capture each season's essence in your designs, especially for different climates?

Spring represents optimism and hope for brighter days ahead. By offering a range of colours and customizable options, we allow clients to adapt their spaces with the changing seasons. Different materials cater to diverse climates, from heat-retaining curtains to lightweight voiles. The feeling of spring, the promise of flourishing, transcends geographic coordinates and backgrounds.

Is there an upcoming project you'd like to share?

We have an exciting announcement—an exclusive Tuscan location renovation to expand the Bauldry Botanicals brand in Italy. We're eager to share our journey and invite you to experience our nurturing retreat in the future. We're also planning to launch more creations, including clothing and tableware. Our dreams extend to future hotels and restaurants featuring locally produced edibles and uplifting interiors.

Guiding willpower to optimism and freedom is empowering. How do you believe your designs can positively influence someone’s mindset and daily life?

Connecting with nature transformed my life. Caring for a garden taught me to live in the moment and be kinder to myself. Bauldry Botanicals offers luxury homewares that connect people with Mother Earth, inviting them to understand their food, cosmetics, and happiness in the present. Color also plays a vital role in our story—finding joy in a colorful world. Our designs create environments that are passionate, calming, and invigorating, reflecting each individual's uniqueness. With nature's embrace and open hearts, we find true freedom.

Mindful equilibrium is a key aspect of your philosophy. How does Bauldry Botanicals embrace mindfulness, and how does it reflect in your product range?

Our fabrics, wallpapers, and creations are made to order, reflecting intentionality, patience, and anticipation. We emphasize balance between creation and our planet, promoting respectful foraging of natural resources. In a world of instant gratification, we encourage purposeful connections and conscious purchasing. Embracing happiness and finding inner balance go hand in hand.

Your products span various forms, from fabrics to wallpapers and soft furnishings. How do you adapt a design across these different mediums?

Creating each flower design personally allows for creative freedom, scalability, and customization. Flowers exist in diverse forms, from vast wildflower landscapes to small, tenacious blooms. Flowers naturally adapt to different settings, just as our designs do. We're even exploring extending our patterns to clothing and lifestyle accessories.

Bauldry Botanicals has transformed many spaces. Is there a success story that stands out, where your designs transformed a space into something special?

One fulfilling aspect of co-founding Bauldry Botanicals is our ability to reach diverse communities. From minimalist homes to full-scale installations, we've made an impact. A standout project involved transforming a child's bedroom to improve air quality and enhance the lives of those with sensitivities. Soft tones and organic materials created a soothing space with blinds, voiles, and cushion seating, enhancing the family's well-being.

As a successful brand founder, you inspire aspiring entrepreneurs. What advice do you have for those starting a venture with a strong sustainable ethos?

Stay true to your sustainability values, whether through natural materials, local supply chains, or other approaches. Your passion will resonate with others, so choose the path that ignites your soul. Your unique voice is your most important tool. Be patient and kind to yourself.

In the realm of luxury and design, trends come and go. How do you maintain timeless appeal while staying innovative?

Just as roses continue to bloom with timeless beauty, we create designs that endure. We oversee each creation, adapting quickly to our community's wishes and launching limited-edition pieces regularly. Our in-house approach gives us the flexibility to respond to trends and maintain a timeless yet innovative edge.

Our readers love to travel. What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

My desire for professional freedom led me to a life of travel. I'd love to explore the rainforests of South America, learning from local wisdom, immersing myself in herbal medicines, and embracing the abundant flora and fauna.

Where is home for you?

Bauldry Botanicals HQ is in Norfolk, England. Despite my wanderings, Norfolk always feels like coming home, where friends and family reside.

Reflecting on your brand's journey, is there anything you'd do differently?

Perfectionism can be a barrier for creative entrepreneurs. I'd advise myself to embrace imperfections and launch, rather than waiting for a perfect moment. The journey, even with its bumps, is more beautiful than waiting for perfection.

What's your go-to quote for motivation?

"Even the strongest flowers need darkness to grow and light to blossom." This mantra guides me through uncertainty and sparks magic in every opportunity.

Where can people learn more and follow you?

Join the Bauldry Botanicals community by signing up for our newsletter at www.bauldrybotanicals.com and following us on social media, including Instagram (@bauldrybotanicals).

As Rebecca Bauldry's blossoming journey continues, her designs remain an evergreen reminder that within nature's embrace and our own open hearts, we can truly find the harmony and beauty that make life wild and free.

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