Dog-friendly Travel: An eco-friendly retreat at The Scarlet Hotel

If you’re looking to plan the PERFECT doggy road trip with your four-legged best friend, look no further, because #TeamCocopup Charlie has got you covered. We embarked – on what could potentially be – the dreamiest dog-friendly road trip ever created. On the last stop of our Cornwall road trip – we checked into The Scarlet Hotel for a dog-friendly and eco-friendly wellness escape.

The Scarlet Hotel is an eco-luxury sanctuary located in the rolling cliffs of Mawgan Porth in north Cornwall. The moment you enter its doors – you are immediately transported into an otherworldly realm of calm and tranquillity.

Once you enter The Scarlet, we definitely suggest turning off your phones. The hotel’s calming colour palette and clever use of natural textures may induce an unintentional “ohm”, and it’s best to give into the urge to let go and really switch off. It seems the signal’s not too great at the edge of Britain anyway, so take advantage, breathe-in, and awaken your inner zen.

The interiors utilise the rich textures and muted colour palette of the Northern coasts, and accentuates these with pops or bold colour. Every aspect of the Scarlet Hotel combines local Cornish motifs with elements of modern sustainable design, giving the hotel a unique kind of charm. When exploring the hotel’s many contemporary spaces, you often think to yourself “surely, this place warrants its own episode of Grand Designs?”  And it really does! If for nothing else than how the hotel uses its natural environment to be as sustainable as it can be.

Make your way up the hotel’s rooftop Cloister Garden, which looks like it’s been lifted off the pages of a Zen garden how-to. Enjoy drinks on their terrace and enjoy an unpretentious meal specially prepared by Mike Francis, who takes advantage of the wealth of local produce available. “Nothing beats the Scarlet for scenery and fresh produce” he says, so don’t expect any truffle infused grapes wrapped in fancy foams at The Scarlet – just good old simple food, made from only the freshest local ingredients.

The Scarlet Hotel is the perfect spot to view some early autumn sunsets with your pup – and there’s no better spot to enjoy the view than in its outdoor hot tubs, where you can relax and even indulge in a glass of bubbly.


Hannah Lynn Tan

Hannah has been working in the fashion industry for over five years. A mainstay at London Fashion Week, Hannah not only has heaps of insider fashion knowledge, but a genuine understanding of the essentials of style

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