Editors are no strangers when it comes to genre bending and putting on a spectacular live show and their return to the O2 Guildhall in Southampton did not disappoint.

With an expansive and impressive setlist which included tracks from their back catalogue of their seven critically acclaimed albums, Editors fans were in for a treat.

This was a sublime sonic navigation through a near-two-hour set that demonstrates why they are one of the UK’s best live bands. Their most recent release EBM which was released in 2022 is EBM is a visionary and sonic adventure playing tribute to both industrial rock and electronic dance music. The band played several tracks of EBM during their set which included Karma Climb, Heart Attack, Strawberry Lemonade and the high-octane and propulsive Picturesque.

There was also room for a highly intoxicating reimagining of Killer, by Adamski/Seal which has been in the Editors setlist for a while now. The band’s rendition of this was absolutely sublime, bringing a new life and an oscillating spin to this classic nineties track.

Both individually and collectively, the band was on fire. From Tom Smith’s faultless and impassioned vocals to Justin Lockey’s impeccable guitar riffs, they elevated tracks such as Heart Attack and Strawberry Lemonade from brilliant album tracks into full scale musical odysseys.

The fusion of visceral rave-ready industrial hooks and nu-retro synths made for a hypnotic and unforgettable set and whilst there was a focus on tracks from the brilliant EBM, fans were also treated to a mixture of Editors deep cuts and fan favourites such as Two Hearted Spider, Bullets, Bones and a rousing rendition of Papillon.

Standouts included the ever-fantastic Strange Intimacy, Munich and Lights with a spectacular encore of At All Cost, The Phone Book and Smokers Outside The Hospital Door.

This was a powerful, enthralling and first-class performance from the band at the 02 on the south coast and yet again the band showcased why they are one of the best live acts in the UK and beyond.

Photo Credit: Flick Hall


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