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The Odissean Experience: Elevating Wellness with a Personalised Touch

The Odissean Experience: Elevating Wellness with a Personalised Touch

August 3rd, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, where stress and burnout have become all too common, the pursuit of wellness has taken centre stage. People are seeking holistic solutions that not only address their physical wellbeing but also cater to their mental and emotional needs. Enter The Odissean Experience, a revolutionary concept in wellness and lifestyle concierge services that aims to transform the way we approach self-care, aimed at the modern, time-challenged high net worth individual.

Combining renowned partner brands, leading Harley Street Clinicians, and a specialist team of wellbeing experts this invitation only, private lifestyle club offers members access to world class wellness and lifestyle services. At the heart of The Odissean Experience lies the emphasis on personalisation. When it comes to wellbeing, we are all on our own unique journey and each member’s programme is bespoke to reflect their goals, needs and challenges. Whether it’s stress management, nutrition, fitness or emotional health, every aspect of wellness is carefully curated. Working collaboratively to guide clients towards optimal wellbeing using their knowledge and experience, they offer valuable insights and support, ensuring clients receive the most effective and comprehensive wellness solutions.

Expect high quality, one-to-one personal service, this club isn’t open to everyone, it’s a discreet pool of invited clients which is what makes their offer exceptional. Members have their own VIP lifestyle concierge manager, on hand to arrange everything from travel and dining to events, personal shopping and even real estate.

The vision behind the brand is Dr Michael Arumemi-Ikhide, an entrepreneur with over 15 years of executive board experience within aviation, travel and hospitality sectors. He says, “we set out to construct a seamlessly integrated, fully personalised, high-end wellbeing and lifestyle service that bridges the gap between holistic wellness needs and high quality, readily accessible, wellness and lifestyle resources.”

Michael continues, “The Odissean Experience is more than a private members club, the bespoke guided memberships are highly curated ecosystems covering your place of work, your home and travel, geared towards delivering life empowering and maximally transformative results. For instance, a greater sense of purpose; better human connections and relationships; significant reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety; vitality of physical and cognitive health; improved overall performance, beauty, and longevity; and wonder-filled quality living.”

As the demand for comprehensive wellness solutions continues to grow, The Odissean Experience sets a new standard, redefining what it means to truly prioritise and invest in oneself.

Join the waiting list and apply for your exclusive membership invitation here.

Anji McGrandles

Anji McGrandles

Anji is our resident wellbeing coach and expert. She loves experiencing wellness destinations and checking out the latest wellness products, books and events.