Hidden just around the back of Tottenham Court Road is the perfect lunchtime escape that will whisk you away to European patio dining – Dalloway Terrace at The Bloomsbury Hotel. We visited on a weekday lunch enjoying the relaxed atmosphere with top tier service…

The covered patio is decorated seasonally, and we caught the end of their winter décor – all snow dusted conifers with silver accents. This spot is immensely instagrammable but we beg you to put away your phones and just enjoy the experience.

As we were feeling continental, we ordered a couple of light cocktails for lunch and the refreshing globe of gin and tonic was just what I needed after a busy morning of city centre meetings. We opted for the fresh vegetarian salad bowl with deliciously grilled chicken and a creamy gnocchi dish, both supremely tasty and good value. While we were in a luxury hotel this isn’t too excessive a casual lunch spot and will definitely impress your dining companion.

Looking around the terrace we saw a mix of business meetings, couples lunching and a family enjoying the terrace’s delightful Afternoon Tea. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming, making it perfect for any one of those activities. We’ll just have to come back with those different hats on another day. Peeling ourselves away from this oasis we manage to avoid getting drawn into the neighbouring Coral Room for more cocktails and find ourselves back on the busy streets of London feeling like we’ve just had a mini-break.

Dalloway Terrace, 16-22 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3NN



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