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Essaouira, Morocco: Le Jardin des Douars

Essaouira, Morocco: Le Jardin des Douars

We have a lot in common you and I.

November 2nd, 2018

We have a lot in common you and I. I know this because as a reader of House of Coco you are likely to be the type of person who thrives off being manically busy, even on holiday, creating memories and stories to regale.

But, every action needs an opposite reaction. Please remind yourself that it is vitally important to completely switch off every now and then to recharge your batteries and give your brain a break.

I hadn’t sat still for about 5 years before this Morocco trip. The last time I did that would have been a beach holiday with the girls and so my break to Le Jardin des Douars was a refreshing relief that I didn’t even realise I needed.

Arriving at Essaouira airport was a total dream. It’s Moroccan through and through in the design which made the short pitstop trying to describe my job title to customs quite exciting. “creative” “advertising creative” “ad-ver-tise-ing” “marrr-ket-ing” “jou-r-na-list”. Finally through.

Directly upon exit, we found our ride. The private bus just for us organised by the hotel was a glorious start to a beautiful break.

As we travel through the argon tree filled landscape of Essaouira we discover an oasis of domed villas snuggled together within the hotel walls. It feels ever-so bohemian, exuding North African comfort along with a touch of classic French chic.

Les Jardin De Douars feels like a traditional Moroccan hammam retreat, built from that pinky peachy clay that the Maghreb is famous for. Contrasting greenery, palms, botanicals and herbs grow from every available patch of soil around the complex, making for a stunning place to call home for a few days.

One of the great things about this hotel is that, although it was fully booked with families and couples, it felt like it was all ours. Every room is its own little cottage and you feel far away from the other guests in utterly delightful privacy.

There are two wildly inviting jade-green pools with plenty of distance between them, one for families and one for adults only. The adults-only heated pool is infinity style surrounded by trees and bushes, perfect for a few laps and weightlessness relaxation (… also open late for a moonlight dip).

For dinner and drinks you can’t go wrong on the terrace. Again you share the space with families and other couples but you don’t feel encroached upon.

The hotel restaurant is 100% responsible for the end of my vegetarianism (sorry to disappoint). Moroccan food is just a total dream. On day one they held a huge BBQ for lunch and the way the chefs had spiced the chicken was insane!

The highlight of the trip for me was the Hammam. I choose a body scrub and as well as leaving my skin softer than the day I was born I felt a beautiful connection with the female therapist. Maybe it’s because I’m a total hippy and love the female bond but I felt her positive energy and the massage healed me emotionally too.

To say that the botanical gardens gave me life is more than just a wanky instagram quote. Filled with wildlife, quiet other than the birds and frogs, and all of the worlds vibes radiating from every branch, leaf and petal.

We’ll definitely return. I already want to be there for more relaxing in the sun, pool meditation and exploring. The hotel provides a shuttle to the beach and the medina for some shopping so you can escape for a little while but I’d happily hideaway at Les Jardin De Douars for another long weekend of luxurious solitude.

Book online at www.jardindesdouars.com

Return flights can be around £300. Sadly they’ve just stopped doing direct flights but rumour has it that another airline will pick up the route.


Penny Lee

Penny Lee

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