The world of beauty has been booming since the dawn of time, with different trends defining each generation. These trends are developed as a way of enhancing your best features, but there is much more to beauty than applying makeup in the correct way. In fact, much of beauty requires you to take extra care of your skin and to bring out your inner confidence. It can be difficult to keep up with these trends when they seem to move so quickly, but there are some timeless beauty tips that will never go out of style. To help you create the perfect beauty routine, it’s wise to take note of them.

Don’t neglect hygiene

Lots of people suffer from regular breakouts, which can make it harder to feel your best in the skin you are in. Although this is common, many breakouts can be prevented by keeping your skin clean, so that dirt cannot find its way into your pores.

Ideally, you should use a gentle facial wash each morning, and a cleanser in the evening to remove all your makeup before bed.

Moisturiser is key

It is easy to jump on the first moisturiser you see advertised in the media, but there is a lot to be said about finding the perfect match for your skin. Without choosing one based on your skin type, this may result in dry patches and breakouts, rather than soft, hydrated skin. It is recommended that you look at a site like Top 10 Today, where you can read reliable reviews about which moisturiser could be best for you.

Find the right shade

It is not just moisturiser you need to match to your skin, but your foundation must, too. There are countless foundations out there to cover a broad spectrum of skin tones, but finding your shade is only one step in settling on the right one. You should also consider how much coverage you hope to get. For example, those right freckles may choose to opt for lighter coverage, so they can let their freckles show.

Cover red spots

Everyone will have red spots at some point in their life, but it can truly dampen someone’s confidence if these red spots persist. It is always wise to get these red spots checked out by skincare experts, to see if they can help you tackle any underlying conditions. In the meantime, using colour correcting concealers will enable you to hide these spots, without using heavy foundation.

Highlight your cheekbones

There is one beauty trend that has been around for millennia, which is highlighting your cheekbones. Georgian times saw people using rouge on their cheeks, and the current beauty world revolves around enhancing your cheekbones using reflective, pearlescent or glittering pigment. The best thing about highlighter is that it can also bring a youthful look to your face, even if you are feeling run down. You can also use it on other areas of your face, such as your nose and brown bones for a more defined look.


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