The Ultimate Bob Haircut Inspiration

Chopped asymmetrical bob haircuts are stylish, but can sometimes appear too common for ladies who want something glam and more sophisticated.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts Every Lady Wants To Copy

An asymmetrical bob haircut offers an edgy look to the typical look. Besides, you can customize this look with different colours and curls. To get the desired impact, the symmetry should be made significant enough. 

Remember that if you make all the sides same, no impact will be noticed. Therefore each side ought to be unique so to stand out. The following is our list of the top seven looks of present-day asymmetrical bob haircuts.

  1. Sharp Choppy Bob

This asymmetrical bob haircut is an ultimate low-maintenance chic look with the mussed-up bedhead. The haircut is ideal for women with curly or wavy hair or those with fine straight hair and needs no routine styling.

It makes for easy maintenance. Nothing is freeing and beautiful like sleeping with your wet and rolling it out in bed!


  1. Curly Bob with Accents

Women with thin hair can also incorporate layers in their asymmetrical styles to come up with an enhanced volume. This style includes accents with a darker base for fullness and dimension. Further, the spiral curls work to amplify the volume.

As a rule, pairing your makeup to the hue of your hair-but using eyeshadow is an excellent way to come up with a wholly coordinated look. 

  1. Angled Bob With Short Layers

This is yet another classic example of how to give life to your thin and lifeless tresses by utilizing artful layers. This stacked haircut brings much volume to the hair without necessarily using curls rather adding some short, and spunky layers throughout.

It is an excellent regular look that will maintain its shape with minimal upkeep; a worthy choice for women who are always on the run.

  1. Twist On the Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

Rock this style with edgy hue and combination of cuts and you will be fully satisfied with the outcome. The haircut is stacked at the back and the front angled into a chin-length cut. Besides, this badass look is upgraded with low fringe contrast to the angles and waves. 

It emphasizes more on the natural look. It looks great on any hair texture from straight to curly.

  1. Descending Corner

This is a classic twist on the bob-it all universal all through but incorporates a touch of rock-and-roll edge one either side. The back is perfectly styled in an A-line style.

  1. Side-Tucked Bob

If you don’t need a haircut that is perm askew, you can opt for this asymmetrical bob cut. It can be styled on the roots on an angled short bob and incorporating seamless side sweep and a tuck. Wear one side of this style forward and then fold the other side at the back behind your ear. This makes a sultry look-and no so permanent asymmetrical style. Highlight through the crown to boost the disconnection.

  1. Typical Chin-Length Bevel

In this style, the curls on the elongated side are allowed to fall below the jawline, touching the collarbone and left to flip in naturally. If you want an understated look, this asymmetrical bob variation is beautiful, timeless and flattering.

Adding some bright hues on the front layers draws attention to the extended layers and brings out the frame of your face in a special manner.

  1. Bob with Swing Fringe

The movement in this hairstyle is fascinating. The girly style encompasses bright glow, blurred edges and champagne ribbons of shimmery.

With fringes and dimension hue, this haircut feels flirtier. The bluntly trimmed ends reduce the strong geometry. Tucking tresses on one side enhances the contrast of the entire fullness.