No matter how knowledgeable you are, travelling as a family is a very different kettle of fish from travelling solo or as a couple. Nothing causes greater anxiety for parents than the idea of a family vacation.

As a parent, you’d have to deal with the stress of the right outfits and clothes, tickets, dentification, and the kids’ temperaments. However, all these fears fly out of the window once you master the intricacies and get the hang of the process. Besides, there are major benefits to travelling with family; you get to engage in deeper and more meaningful conversations and bond through shared experiences in unfamiliar, new places.

While there’s no surefire way to avoid illnesses and other unforeseen circumstances while travelling, you can follow specific pro tips for a comfortable flight and ensure your family stays safe during the vacation. This article will provide further tips for an enjoyable vacation as a family.

These tips will be valuable for planning your next family vacation and help you enjoy a seamless holiday experience.

1. Agree on a Mutual Decision

Whether exploring a new place, relaxing on the beach, or learning a new skill, jointly make unanimous decisions. Agreeing on a mutual decision before making a move will ensure everyone agrees and allow for more seamlessness.

The only way to make a trip memorable for everyone is to allow every family member to experience something they enjoy. Ask every one of your family for ideas and interests. Through these conversations, you’d learn about what other members of your family need on vacation and be able to find destinations that will suit these needs.

Incorporate your kids into the planning of the trip. Ask them if they’d instead relax on the beach or tour an art gallery. They’ll feel included in the trip, enjoy it more, and complain less.

2. Ensure a Family Friendly Accommodation

Regarding accommodations for family vacations, it can be pretty hard to book accommodations that are well-suited for your family. To equally satisfy everyone, booking accommodations offering separate sleeping areas instead of a standard hotel room with two beds is essential.

While you might pay more for this convenience, having a good night’s rest is vital before you start on your vacation destination. For instance, if everyone is holed up in one room, including the kids, you’d be unable to sleep until your kids do. And considering how frantic and excited they might be for the anticipated fun, it might take a long while to get some sleep. Also, if you want to have some me-time with your spouse during the vacation by playing a game or reading a book together, you might book accommodations that would give you and your kids separate rooms.

However, not every hotel offers this service, so you might have to do a little of research. By using hotel booking sites, including Expedia or Hotels, you might get the hotel’s website, research room options, and availability. You can also use Airbnbs; they are more often than hotels and more conducive. Some Airbnbs possess full laundry and kitchens, saving money and time.

3. Make Reservations

While an essential part of the adventure is to arrive without a plan and allow the thrill to guide you, this travel style can be a big problem when kids are already in the picture.

To enjoy a family vacation, make logistics and hotel reservations ahead of time to prevent unnecessary frustrations. Scouting the streets for hours searching for a hotel or waiting several hours at a bus or train station with a cranky child in the mix isn’t a pretty situation.

Don’t make assumptions about hotels or apartment rentals. Call ahead to confirm availability and ensure that the said hotel has the requirement well suited for your vacation.

4. Allow for Downtimes

Regardless of how tight the bond between your family might be, everyone has some downtimes once in a while. So you should allow for contingencies like that when planning for a vacation. If there are going to be a lot of activities, carve out a time when everyone can relax and chill.

It’s worth noting that each member of the family’s definition of downtime can differ from one person to the other. However, if you give your family a chance to relax regularly, everyone can be kept calm and happy.

If your family gets overwhelmed and starts to argue with each other even after several periods of downtime, the problem might be overscheduling. So you might need to cut down on the activities on your list for the vacation.

5. Make Use of Local Expertise

When vacationing somewhere new, you can always make more of the trip by asking for the locales who live in the area. From cheaper places to get more things to activities to do in the area, people who live around the area are in a better position to give you more information about the area. This is one of the best ways to ensure that every family member is happy and the vacation is memorable.


Finally, slow down! Life with kids is a different kettle of fish than life as a couple. Things are way different now, so don’t replicate the way you used to travel before kids. Don’t cram too many activities in one day.

Enjoy your adventure when everyone is invigorated and refreshed. Most travel experiences are those where there are proper expectations for the day, with breaks in between. Family travel doesn’t always have to be a hurdle. With these tips and a little planning, you’ll be so glad you traveled with your family.


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