You may have caught our #TeamCoco writer, Anna’s adventures in Switzerland recently on our instagram where she explored the unexpected in Zurich; a location typically discarded as an expensive, and not-super-exciting travel destination for the millennial traveler. Of course, here at House of Coco we like to challenge our preconceptions and she got stuck into finding the unusual elements of Zurich – not least of all, the FREITAG factory.

FREITAG is a brand that isn’t particularly well-known in the UK but with the increased discussions on the eco and ethical impacts of the clothing we wear and generally what we consume, we feel this brand is tipped to explode on our shores.

Fourteen years ago, two graphic designers were searching for suitable bags to house their creative work as they travelled their home city of Zurich by bicycle. Taking unlikely inspiration from the heavy traffic route outside their window, they created their first messenger style bag made from up cycled truck tarpaulins, bicycle tubes and car seat belts. Their designs were loved by cyclists as a great option for a waterproof item with great eco credentials and since then their range has expanded to over 80 bag models and just 3 years ago they launched F-ABRIC – 100% compostable textiles from which they produce a range of clothing. This, dear friends, is the future of fashion.

On our writer, Anna’s travels, she was luckily enough to tour the factory in which these bags are made which was not the other side of the world but within Zurich itself, in the Nœrd industrial complex in Zurich-Oerlikon. Surrounded by other creative businesses, within a co-working space this is possibly one of the most forward thinking assembly lines you’ll come across.

The business itself follows a holocratic model which means that it does away with many of the hierarchical traps of your average business and empowers team members to make decisions. Touring the factory means hearing stories of how those cutting the tarps have the responsibility of how the final item will look, through their choice of tarps they use and the fulfilment team receive sweet treats from their delighted customers on the other side of the world as a mark of their appreciation.

What sets FREITAG apart from many other ‘up cycled’ products is their true attention to the eco and ethical impact of their work. Throughout the production process, decisions have been made to reduce their impact – not just are they reviving truck tarpaulins that fall out of use but they are cleaning them thoroughly with rain water, collected from the roof of the factory and they employ people locally in Zurich and elsewhere in mainland Europe to assemble the final products. We’re particularly excited to see where they take the F-ABRIC line…. imagine knowing that all our clothing products, including the buttons will compost completely, without a trace. Forget the cutting edge tech in the banks of Zurich, this is where the future is being built.

Today, 22nd March 2018, FREITAG are launching their latest bag, the F155 CLAPTON, a unique, waterproof commuter backpack with space for your laptop, comfortable straps and also five reflector panels to keep you safe on dark evenings. Plus thanks to the design creds of the team at FREITAG, we’ll think you agree with us that it’s a mighty fine addition to your wardrobe which is going to last you for a long time, no matter how much you cram into it for your pre-work yoga, work outfit and evening date requirements!

To learn more about FREITAG visit

If you want to visit the Zurich factory yourself hurry to purchase your own R223 BUSINESS BAG today (22nd March 2018) as you’ll receive a tarp ticket for a f-actory tour.


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