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Features of a Contemporary House Plan

Features of a Contemporary House Plan

If you are someone who stays close to builders, architects or others in the building and construction industry, then it is very likely that you will have come across

April 25th, 2021

If you are someone who stays close to builders, architects or others in the building and construction industry, then it is very likely that you will have come across the following terms: contemporary house plan or modern house plan.

Just in case you have and you’ve been wondering to yourself what that’s all about, today is your lucky day. In this article, we will be focusing on these terms, looking at what they mean and the characteristics that make them up.

What is a Contemporary House Plan?

This may be one of those terms that can be difficult to define. Generally speaking, contemporary or modern simply refers to something that is reflective of the prevalent style of the day.

Given this not too successful attempt at a definition, it will be safe to assume that no one can claim to have gotten much clarity from it. Our best bet will therefore be to go right into looking at the features or characteristics of a plan like the Truoba Contemporary house designs.

Features to be Found in a Contemporary House Plan

Let’s briefly discuss some of the important features of what we call a modern house or building plan.

Open Floor Plan

One of the very prominent components you will find in these new designs is a floor plan that is open. What this basically means is that the common spaces are combined to achieve a larger, and more commodious space.

These common spaces, like the kitchen, sitting room and dining area, all become one large space without any walls demarcating them. It creates a sense of fullness and openness that can make any space appear larger than it really is.

Still building on this, some go further to create a seeming flow from this open floor plan to the outdoors. This can be to a large balcony or even the pool side. With strategically positioned windows or glass doors, everything can look like one large space.

This is surely a design that anyone who loves entertaining guest will want for their home.

More Natural Light

Another major factor that plays out in many of these designs is the use of natural lights. Building on the use of open spaces as described above, large windows are also strategically positioned and these let in extensive amounts of natural light that easily reaches most of the open area thanks to the design.

Aside from the visual value this can add to an abode, it can also help reduce energy costs in a home. These include light and heating costs.

Eco-Friendly Design

With an increased and increasing focus on green energy and eco-friendly utilities, these modern designs pay special attention to this. The use of natural lights and solar panels for roofing are some ways that this is achieved.

Special attention is also paid to the kind of materials used in the construction to ensure that only materials that do not adversely impact the environment are used.

Easy Integration of IoT

If you’ve heard of smart houses, chances are that they are most likely modern house designs. A lot of the characteristics of these contemporary house designs are suited for the integration of smart controls.

These are just a few examples of the features to expect.


When we look at the features discussed above, we can see that a lot of them complement each other. The style and layout of these houses appear to favor certain types of people who love certain ways of living.

While some folks may consider these designs their best choice, others may opt for something different. When it comes to the choice of styles and designs for a building, personal preference will always prevail.

We have therefore not set out in this article to try to convince anyone about the superiority of a modern house design over others. We are just focused on explaining to those who may already be interested in these types of plans the features they can expect from them.

It is also important to understand that there are many other types of plans with their features and benefits. This is one of the reasons why getting your house plan online (a place where you can browse through hundreds of plans to choose the one you love best) is now a preferred option for many.

Whatever your preference, modern or not, there is a building plan out there that will capture the exact features you are looking for.



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