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Feng Shui home decor tips for your bedroom

Feng Shui home decor tips for your bedroom

Counted among the most prominent ancient Chinese arts, Feng Shui means "wind-water" which is often referred to as good health and good luck.

May 4th, 2020

Counted among the most prominent ancient Chinese arts, Feng Shui means “wind-water” which is often referred to as good health and good luck. In other words, it can be said that a home that is designed in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui, is likely to feel more peaceful and harmonious to one’s senses. These ideas are associated with the welcoming of good vibes in your home, and so, following these Feng Shui tips for home decor can give a new life to the appearance of your sweet home!

Decluttering is important!

The whole concept of Feng Shui revolves around the creation of good energy throughout your home or premises. It is associated with welcoming good health, wealth, and luck. Decluttering has an important role to play here. It is not just simply isolating your stuff, but you should also take care of the bookcases, closets, and all the outdated items that cannot be used. Keep only those items that are either useful or the ones you love! You can also consider discarding or donating the stuff which you haven’t used for a long time.

Organize the flow of air and light

Make sure that you soon maintain a constant flow of good energy throughout your home. To establish this, make sure you have an organized flow of wind and light to make it look vibrant and feel happening. You can also consider creating a dark corner or space with a little brightening and illuminating lamps on various spots. This will add charm to the look of your bedroom.

Do not forget to add some greenery!

A consistent and regular flow of air is a must to keep your bedroom green and healthy. Keeping plants in your home keeps a clean and healthy environment and also attracts vibrant energy with a good life force.

Choose vibrant and delightful colors

You can put certain colors and combine them with the main parts of your home. Always go for vibrant and delightfully fresh colors as it will breathe life and energy into your home space. Whereas, a dim and old painted wall is likely to make you feel old, tired, and dim.

Take care of the proportions

The dining table in your used dining room may suck in your stomach when you walk around the dining table in a small-sized room. If you want to keep a particular order for open spaces to make it feel more restful, make sure that you are maintaining a proportion. Leave enough open space for people and positive energy to flow freely.

Use your beddings wisely

According to the principles of Feng Shui, it is important to leave sufficient space on either side of the bed for a comfortable arrangement. You can also use bedding set with the comforter to enhance the arrangement and make it look more organized. Never let the good energy stop dead in its tracks and go away from your home setting!

Keep healthy spaces clean all the way!

Last but not least, it is important to take proper care of everything that adds more beauty and charm to your bedroom. Especially, your bed should be organized and protected with a nectar mattress protector to keep it safe from any kind of harm or damage!

When you think of organizing or decorating your bedroom, you may come across certain interestingly creative ideas. But Feng Shui concepts can help you to ingress the art of creating a beautiful bedroom environment in your home to make you feel more likely in love with your home decor!

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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