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Flower Burger brings guilt-free flavour to Fitzrovia

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Fitzrovia has always been a hotspot for food lovers, and Flower Burger, which has recently opened their outside dining area — is taking the Fitzrovia foodie scene up a notch with its 100% vegan rainbow-coloured burgers.

#TeamCoco babes Hannah Tan-Gillies and Amira Aratesh ventured out to the rainy central London this weekend to see if Flower Burger’s vibrant menu lives up to all its colourful hype.

Flower Burger offers 100% natural, plant-based fast-food which are excellent for those looking for a hearty meal minus all the nasties. Flower Burger is an Italian fast food concept, born in the heart of Milan in 2015. Inspired by lyrics from two famous Italian singers, Flower Burger is all about positivity, joy and love and set out on a mission to add a colour punch to your next meal.

This vibrant philosophy extends to the restaurant interiors (and exteriors) which maximise colour wherever you look. The cosy outdoor space features brightly-coloured chairs, while downstairs is a neon-lit playground – which exudes a cool yet quirky almost club-like atmosphere.

We started with the Flower Bombs, which are made with red kidney beans and chickpea flour. The Flower Bombs are an excellent bite-sized alternative for those looking to find a meat-free alternative to nuggets but pack an even stronger flavour profile. We also had a generous serving of the Patatas Buenas, which offers a fresh take on a traditional Spanish recipe.

Moving onto the main event, we tried the Funky Chickpea and Cherry Bomb burgers which were as delicious as they looked. The Funky Chickpea comes in a bright yellow multi-cereal bun, with a hearty chickpea patty, flower mayo, juicy tomatoes and Gentilina lettuce.

The Cherry Bomb burger — the most Instagrammed burger on the menu — came in a deep pink bun with a lentil and basmati rice patty, tomato confit, rocktail sauce and soybean sprouts. While the cherry bomb burger is undeniably Instagrammable, it also offered plenty of crunch, texture, and flavour to satisfy all your food cravings, way beyond the gram.