Sometimes, we all need a release. Whether to you that means pounding the treadmill at the gym, escaping in a camper van to somewhere where the pace is a little slower, or letting it all go while headbanging to thrash mental, escapism is key. An itch to scratch, an urge to satisfy. But one staycation destination that’s taking this to the next level, is London’s Mama Shelter, with a minibreak that offers a release in its most primal form: the sexcation.

Now what exactly is a sexcation, you may ask. Will there be lube-themed toiletries? Butlers in the buff? Handcuffs adorning every doorknob? It’s not quite as crass as that. A sexcation is more a chance to dedicate a weekend to your sexual pleasure, whether that’s with a partner, lover, or your own fine self, with the help of a few prompts to aid a sexual awakening.

Modern life and its many stresses can have us so tightly wound, boxed in by schedules and rules. It’s easy to become disconnected from our sexual side, with so much to contend with in the outside world. How liberating to put that on hold for a little while in a decadent hideaway to indulge in what ultimately is an act of self-care. Just a super sexy one.

What’s included in a Mama Shelter Sexcation package?

Now, the details. Upon arrival for the two-night Sexcation package at Mama Shelter, guests will be treated to a glass of bubbly each, followed by a ‘Sexy Mama Box’ packed with treats to enhance your sexual pleasure.

This will include branded condoms, lube, fragrant massage oils, plus other sexy surprises, as well as complimentary in-room adult films. As part of the package, breakfast for two will also be included as well as a late check out until 2pm, allowing guests to savour every last spicy moment.

According to a recent study from MysteryVibe, 40% of Brits has less sex during the pandemic, despite being cooped up together due to lockdown restrictions. It’s safe to say many of us are in need of a booster when it comes to practicing a little passion, so a weekend break dedicated to just that could be just the ticket.

Mama Shelter Shoreditch’s ‘Sexcation’ package can be booked online using the promo code ‘Sexy’. This offer is available for a 2-nights minimum stay for 2 guests at Mama Shelter Shoreditch, for Medium and Large Mama Double room types, at a £249 starting price.

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