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From Lockdown Inspiration to Ethical Jewelry Empire: The Inspiring Journey of Argent & Asscher

From Lockdown Inspiration to Ethical Jewelry Empire: The Inspiring Journey of Argent & Asscher

Discover the inspiring journey of Katie Silver, founder of Argent & Asscher, as she brings her vision of affordable, ethically sourced fine jewelry to life. Uncover the challenges, triumphs, and self-discovery that led to the creation of a brand that merges style with sustainability. Get ready to be inspired by this captivating story of passion, purpose, and the pursuit of one's dreams.

May 12th, 2023

In a world where dreams often take a back seat to practicality, there are a select few who dare to break free from the shackles of societal expectations and embark on a journey driven by their deepest passions. Meet Katie Silver, the visionary founder behind the exquisite brand Argent & Asscher, where affordable luxury meets ethical sourcing.

Amidst the challenges and uncertainties of a global pandemic, Katie found herself at a crossroads. Longing for something more than the confines of her demanding career, she seized the opportunity to explore her true passions during lockdown. With time on her hands, she delved into introspection, searching for the spark that would ignite her entrepreneurial spirit.

What emerged from this period of self-discovery was a resounding realization: Katie had spotted a gap in the market for fine jewelry that was not only accessible but also aligned with her values of sustainability and ethical sourcing. Her vision was clear—to create a brand that would not only adorn modern women with elegance but also empower them to make conscious choices.

However, before Katie could launch Argent & Asscher, she had to confront her own limiting beliefs and overcome the doubts that had held her back for far too long. Through self-development practices such as meditation, journaling, and visualization, she tapped into her inner strength and newfound sense of purpose.

Join us as we unravel Katie's inspiring journey—the challenges she faced, the self-discovery that fueled her ambition, and the unwavering determination that propelled her forward. Discover the story behind Argent & Asscher, where sustainability, affordability, and exquisite craftsmanship converge to redefine the world of fine jewelry.

Prepare to be captivated by Katie's unwavering spirit and the transformative power of pursuing one's true passion. Step into the world of Argent & Asscher, where dreams are turned into reality, and a single decision can alter the course of an entire life…

Tell us about the journey that led you to launching your brand, Argent and Asscher.

It was during the Covid lockdown that I found inspiration to explore something beyond my heavily committed career and focus on my true passion. Like many others, I had plenty of time on my hands to reflect on my lifestyle and what truly made me happy.

Although I have always been an ambitious woman, I often allowed limiting beliefs to hinder my progress. The idea of "starting my own business" or "working my dream job" seemed like something other people could do, not me. However, I noticed a gap in the market for affordable, ethically sourced fine jewelry for the modern woman – the kind of jewelry I wanted to wear. I had a clear vision of what I wanted the brand to represent.

Despite the uneasiness during the lockdown, I had a surge of enthusiasm and energy that finally pushed me to pursue my dreams. I felt inspired to turn my passion into a feasible business and a fulfilling lifestyle. I realized that with determination, I could achieve anything.

You overcame limiting beliefs before launching your business. How did you reach the point where you knew the time was right, and what self-development did you undertake to get there?

During the lockdown, I started listening to podcasts and found inspiration to improve various aspects of my life. I adopted self-development practices such as meditation, journaling, and visualizing the life I desired. Although I knew I wanted to run my own business, I didn't have a specific idea at the time. My mind was filled with ambitious thoughts, and I explored various business ideas. However, I firmly believed that doing what you love should not feel like work. When the idea of starting a jewelry business emerged, I knew it was the right path for me. I have always had a deep passion for jewelry and believed in fate. Alongside personal self-development, I delved into the world of gemology and was offered a scholarship by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which amazed me. Not wanting to miss this golden opportunity, I enthusiastically pursued a GIA diploma in gemology.

Why was it important for you to create an ethically sourced and affordable collection?

Sustainable jewelry is not only better for the planet, but it also ensures fair treatment of the people involved in its production. Our suppliers provide workers with fair wages and safe working conditions, and I cannot imagine working with suppliers who don't meet these basic standards. I am not a fan of fast fashion for various reasons, especially when it comes to jewelry. Gold-plated pieces, which are essentially disposable, do not align with my vision. I wanted to make fine jewelry accessible to everyone, and although solid gold jewelry requires an initial investment, the cost per wear makes it worthwhile as these pieces last a lifetime. While it's still early days for the business, I constantly strive to find ways to support the planet as we grow and consistently work on making small improvements.

How often do you add new designs to your collection, and what is the process behind it?

My design team and I create new collections for every season, staying ahead of current trends and aiming to set new trends in the future. The process begins with initial sketched ideas, which then evolve into more detailed drawings and ultimately computer-aided designs. We handle the CAD work in-house. Once the CAD designs are finalized and approved, we typically order a sample for marketing purposes, which is a fantastic perk of the job.

What advice would you offer aspiring jewelry designers who are struggling to get started?

Don't give up, but be prepared to sacrifice your social life and focus solely on making your business a success. It requires hard work, perseverance, multitasking, and consistency. There's much more to it than just traveling to different countries, sketching, and wearing lovely jewelry, although those aspects of the job are undoubtedly enjoyable.

Could you walk us through an average day in your life?

My day typically begins with a long walk through the park alongside my cavapoo, Bosco. It's during this time that I feel most energized and focused. I listen to podcasts, generating ideas for marketing, new designs, and business strategies. Each day is unique and can involve mundane tasks like administrative work and invoicing, or exciting moments when new designs start taking shape and become a reality.

Who is involved in the brand, and what are their roles?

As a startup business, we have a small team. One of the aspects I love about my job is the opportunity to work in diverse roles and shoulder multiple responsibilities. Certain areas require specific expertise, so we have a creative director and a team that collaborates with him, focusing on concept design and computer-aided design (CAD). Additionally, I work closely with our suppliers.

Reflecting on your journey since launching Argent and Asscher, is there anything you would have done differently?

Looking back, I would have given myself more time before launching the business online. While I had a set date in mind, I would have felt more comfortable with an additional month or so of preparation. However, I firmly believe that when it comes to starting a business, you have to dive in headfirst and get started. You'll never feel entirely ready, so waiting indefinitely is not advisable. Embrace the discomfort and learn from your mistakes along the way. If you're not making mistakes, you're not pushing yourself hard enough!

Our readers are avid travelers, so we'd love to know which destination is at the top of your bucket list.

Well, I'm right there with your readers—I absolutely love to travel. Recently, I had the incredible experience of visiting Barbados and the Florida Keys. This summer, I'll be spending some time in Italy, which I'm really looking forward to. However, the top spot on my bucket list is St. Barth's. The island looks breathtakingly beautiful and offers fantastic restaurants and nightlife. I tend to get a bit restless if I spend too long on a sun lounger, so having other activities to keep me entertained is important. Bora Bora is a close second on my list of dream destinations.

Running a business can be non-stop. What do you do to switch off and unwind?

To be completely honest, switching off is something I need to prioritize more. It's challenging when you're deeply passionate about your business. However, I do make an effort to engage in self-care practices. When I travel, I find it easier to disconnect and be fully present. For me, self-care means going for walks in nature, which does wonders for my mind. I also make time for the gym, attending Pilates classes, and treating myself to facials or massages. Feeling good is essential for productivity, and these activities help me recharge. I find journaling, setting goals, and planning ahead therapeutic as well. Lastly, I highly recommend embracing some alone time—it can be truly revitalizing.

Where do you envision the brand in five years?

The sky is the limit for Argent & Asscher, and even thinking about this question brings a smile to my face. It's something I contemplate often. While I currently have no plans to open a storefront, I never say never! I aspire to see us featured in more magazines and publications—being showcased in Vogue would be a dream come true. I also aim to grow the team and create an ultra-chic office where our customers can visit us.

Where can people find out more?

Visit us at www.argentasscher.com and find us on IG -argentasscher.

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