In the enchanting realm where artistry meets gemstones, there exists a visionary force named Sonya Konstantinovsky. With a heart captivated by the rare brilliance, Sonya embarked on a journey that would lead to the creation of SONYA K., a jewelry brand that transcends the ordinary. Her story is one of passion, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of dreams that emerged even stronger in the face of adversity.

Sonya’s odyssey began with a serendipitous discovery on Instagram—an encounter with a green stone that ignited a profound love affair with Tsavorite. What started as a personal fascination blossomed into a transformative exploration of rare gemstones, unraveling a world of unique beauty she was determined to share. SONYA K. was born not just out of a desire to craft jewelry but to curate a collection that embodies elegance, individuality, and empowerment.

In the tapestry of Sonya’s narrative, every gemstone, every creation, and every triumph is a testament to the power of dreams, the resilience of the human spirit, and the enduring allure of timeless beauty. Join us on this inspiring journey into the luminous world of SONYA K.—where dreams crystallize into gems, and jewelry becomes a reflection of life’s most precious moments.

Your journey into the world of jewelry started with a deep love for Tsavorite. How did this love affair with gemstones inspire the creation of SONYA K., and what sets it apart from other jewelry brands?

In 2018, while scrolling on Instagram, I came across a green stone that immediately captured my heart. The gemstone dealer selling it informed me it was called tsavorite but couldn’t provide much more information. Intrigued, I began researching the stone, unveiling other unique gems in the process. It felt like I had stumbled upon a magical world of rare gemstones that I didn’t want to leave.

I began purchasing gemstones through Instagram, building a small collection of rare specimens. Though I desired to create jewelry, I lacked a clear vision of its appearance. With the onset of COVID, I put my dream on hold during the uncertain times. However, my perspective changed in December 2021 after contracting the virus. I realized life is unpredictable, prompting me to pursue my dream.

Seeking manufacturing in New York City to support the local community amid job losses, finding the right manufacturer proved challenging. Yet, once secured, everything started falling into place. I firmly believe in the notion: start walking, and the road will appear. Starting any venture involves a lot of uncertainty, but with faith, light gradually emerges.

What sets SONYA K. apart is our focus on crafting jewelry with rare gems, not limited to the three most popular colored stones—emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Tsavorite, for instance, is 300 times rarer than emerald. Introducing clients to truly unique gems distinguishes us.

We prioritize top-quality products, meticulously attending to every step of the creation process, from gem selection to craftsmanship. Our jewels are simple, elegant, and eye-catching. Versatile enough for jeans yet elevated for a red-carpet event, many pieces can be worn in multiple ways, reflecting our core values of versatility and wearability.

The Taylor necklace stands out, transforming from a tennis necklace to a more elevated look. Can you share the creative process behind designing versatile and wearable pieces that adapt to our fast-paced lives?

The Taylor necklace comprises a classic diamond tennis necklace base with a seamless lock for adding pendants. Wear it on its own as a timeless diamond necklace or with a colorful gemstone pendant. I envisioned a piece that transforms on the go—start your day with a simple diamond layer and, later, for a power lunch, business meeting, or dinner event, attach a pendant for a unique style. It’s a staple for any jewelry lover.

Ideal for travel, the Taylor necklace allows endless customization with various pendants, eliminating the need for multiple necklaces for different outfits. Similarly, I enjoy creating earrings with ear jackets, providing multiple ways to wear the same piece.

SONYA K. focuses on creating modern, timeless pieces. How do you balance the contemporary aesthetic with the timelessness of your designs to ensure they remain relevant in the ever-changing world of fashion?

I ensure our designs remain relevant by steering clear of chasing trends or fashion. Instead, I focus on creating minimalistic styles that are easy to wear, elegant, and unique. The gemstones I use are beautiful and unique, requiring minimal embellishment to stand out. They are akin to women who use makeup to highlight their natural beauty rather than obscure it.

Empowerment is a central theme in your design philosophy. How do you aim to empower individuals through your minimalistic designs and vibrant gemstones, encouraging them to wear their jewelry every day rather than saving it for special occasions?

I believe jewelry should be worn, not left to languish in a jewelry box. Gemstones, like sapphires, lose vibrancy if not exposed to light for extended periods. Your jewelry becomes despondent from neglect.

On challenging days, when you may want to retreat, a vibrant gemstone can serve as a reminder of strength. Whether it’s a green tsavorite or a bright Barbie-pink rubellite tourmaline, the gemstone smiles back, saying, “You’ve got this.” That’s how I want my jewelry to empower women—with vibrant, uplifting colors.

The idea of building a jewelry collection that portrays one’s unique style is intriguing. Can you share tips on how individuals can curate their collection to reflect their personality and evolve with their style over time?

Similar to building a wardrobe with staple items, a jewelry collection should include essentials. A classic Taylor diamond necklace is versatile with endless customization possibilities. Studs, hoops, and earrings with jackets offer varied looks. Rings are essential, and like a wardrobe, continuously build your collection over time.

In the fashion industry, some things are relevant in the moment, while others are timeless. My pieces fall into the timeless category, akin to an Hermès Birkin bag or a classic YSL blazer.

The vibrant colors of your gemstones are meant to brighten each day. How do you choose the gemstone colors for your pieces, and what emotions or experiences do you hope wearers derive from them?

Choosing gemstone colors involves encountering numerous stones daily. Some speak to you instantly, while others don’t. Vibrancy, cleanliness, and cut quality are crucial. I look for stones that excite me and will excite my customers, lending strength on gloomy days or heightening joy on great ones.

As a founder, how do you stay true to your brand’s vision while also incorporating new trends and technologies into your designs and business practices?

When designing new pieces, they must align with our core values rather than solely following trends. If they happen to align with a trend, that’s a bonus. As for technologies, I welcome any that contribute to creating the best product.

Your journey involved hands-on experience and self-learning about gemstones. What challenges did you face in establishing your brand, and how did those challenges shape the values and ethos of SONYA K.?

The most challenging aspect was manufacturing. It’s challenging to find individuals who excel in their craft, go the extra mile, and are genuinely good people. These challenges reinforced the importance of perseverance and excellence.

The concept of passing down jewelry to the next generation is beautiful. How do you envision SONYA K. becoming a part of family legacies, and what significance do you hope your pieces hold for future generations?

I am sentimental, and stories of individuals wearing their grandmother’s earrings to significant events move me. I envision my jewelry carrying similar significance. I hope my pieces become treasured heirlooms, connecting generations with shared memories.

Can you share a memorable story about a customer who felt a strong connection to one of your pieces, and how that experience reinforced your commitment to creating meaningful jewelry?

In May, a customer purchased a 7-carat, one-of-a-kind ring for his wife’s birthday. He had been searching for a top-quality tsavorite, and after viewing videos of the stone, he knew it was perfect. Sharing the passion for a stone with a client is profound, like translating the beauty of a gemstone into someone else’s language.

The intersection of finance and jewelry design is unique to your background. How do you think this combination enhances the value proposition for your customers, making them view their purchases as both aesthetic investments and financial ones?

I prioritize quality over quantity. Gems meeting specific criteria—untreated, top-color, well-cut—become appreciating assets. Besides financial value, owning such a gem means possessing a unique, appreciating asset.

Your emphasis on quality gemstones and craftsmanship is evident in your designs. How does your background in the financial field influence your approach to sourcing the best-quality gems, turning these pieces into not only adornments but also investments?

Observing rare and unique stones appreciating in value over time at jewelry auctions informs my approach. The emphasis on quality stems from a desire for gems that will command higher prices in the future.

Looking ahead, what excites you most about the future of SONYA K., and what goals or aspirations do you have for the brand in the coming years?

I started the brand during COVID, purchasing colored gemstones through videos. I look forward to traveling to Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Tanzania to meet suppliers in person and witness mining operations. I aim to expand the color palette of gems, working with Paraiba, Chrysoberyl, and Vietnamese Spinel. Additionally, I have exciting projects for the brand and aspire to see SONYA K. represented on platforms like NET-A-PORTER and Moda Operandi.

Our readers love to travel; what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

Outside of gemstone travels, I’d love to visit Mauritius, Costa Rica, and the Amalfi coast for pleasure in the near future.

When lacking motivation, what’s your go-to quote?

I don’t lack motivation; if anything, I struggle with controlling the urge to bring all my ideas to life simultaneously.

Where can people follow you and find out more?

Follow us on Instagram, @sonyakjewelry, and visit our website,

A lesson I’ve learned since starting my brand is that hard work yields rewards. Taking a leap of faith resulted in a radical career change, and seven months after launching, we had our first trunk show at Nordstrom flagship. In November 2021, we released our holiday capsule, “Passion & Strength,” during a month-long trunk show at Bergdorf Goodman, reinforcing that passion shows in what you do.


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