GirlBosses: GEM&BOLT, the new mythical feminine spirit

Here at House Of Coco you know we love an innovative cocktail and a great girl boss story and this week’s interview nails both of them! We sat down with AdrinAdrina from artist duo GEM&BOLT ( to talk about their new, mystical mezcal. Expect mythology, heart opening ceremonies and feminine intuition, what more could you ask for?


HOC: How long have you, AdrinAdrina and Elliott, been working together as an artist duo and what brought you to creating GEM&BOLT, the spirit? 

AdrinAdrina: Elliott and I have known each other our whole lives! We grew up in community of wild bohemians and our families were deeply intertwined – our fathers were actually outlaws & thespians together…

We’ve been working together as artists and business partners for around 10 years. GEM&BOLT was the culmination of our desire to bring art, plants & positive celebration to the masses.


HOC: GEM&BOLT is a delicious mezcal, can you tell us why this spirit speaks to you both? It’s not particularly celebrated at present in the UK?

AdrinAdrina: Mezcal is the cleanest spirit available: it’s additive-free and made from agave, a plant that has bathed in the sun for over 8 years brining pure solar energy.

Mezcal is thought to be medicinal by many Oaxaca people! It’s a mystical feminine spirit; the deity of ‘Agave’ is a goddess.  In the UK mezcal is mainly known by the underground deep house music scene, mixologists and those into mindful drinking – all of whom are very influential. Mezcal will become the drink of choice for many, we’re sure of it!



HOC: What does Mexico mean to you? I’ve always wanted to visit from my love of Latin American novels and the lure of magical realism…

AdrinAdrina: It’s both ancient and modern at same time and magical realism is truly alive in Mexico. It’s a place that is saturated in colour and steeped in mysticism, mythology, history and STORY.

Mexico spoke to us because of our very unusual childhoods – there’s an old world grit that just really resonated.


HOC: The spirit is infused with Turnera Diffusa (damiana) which has a number of almost magical properties, can you tell us more about them?

AdrinAdrina: It was historically used by Maya, Aztec, Zapotec and other cultures around the world. It’s a flowering bush (haha!) It’s a heart opener, mind-expander, and unifier of people. It truly is a feel-good herb. What’s more, the taste profile of Agave and Damiana are a perfect marriage.


HOC: We find the flavour of GEM&BOLT really interesting and smokey, how would you recommend that we enjoy it? Are there any particular rituals to enjoying it?

AdrinAdrina: I’d recommend everyone to learn to sip and savour it, either straight up or on the rocks. You can also experiment with it and experience the spectrum of flavours: botanical, earthy, acidic, astringent, floral…

It’s also very good in cocktails. We made a drink called Bolt and Bitters, which is GEM&BOLT mezcal, 3-4 dashes of bitters, ice and a large orange peel zest! Delicious!



HOC: We were introduced to GEM&BOLT at a trend forecasting event on  ‘modern mysticism’.  What’s your take on why more people are awake and open to ‘alternative sources’ of inspiration at the moment?

AdrinAdrina: We are evolving into a new era era and a different species. We’re an experimental species, for sure!

People are now tired of pre-packaged and fabricated storylines behind most brands – they want intimacy and to feel connected.


HOC: I’ve been reading about installations you’ve been working on and exciting bars that you stock at in the US, what plans do you have for the UK?

AdrinAdrina: We have a very similar plan to what you’ve already seen! Aligning with artists and people or businesses that are mindful of what they consume and serve comes natural to our brand.


HOC: Finally, we find as primarily a team of women at House of Coco, that magic can really happen when women work closely and support each other, do you have any stories of your work together?

AdrinAdrina: We completely believe in sharing intuitive space and the ability to take leaps of faith in tandem has been true for us. We always know we’ll land in the right place! There’s a deep trust that goes with this type of collaboration and we are very thankful.




Feel like trying some of this heart-opening spirit? Head to to find out more and keep your eyes peeled for GEM&BOLT popping up at an event near you soon.


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