Too many people stay put their whole lives and never experience life outside of their hometown. Though staying in the comfortable bubble of your native town or city can give you a good and steady life, if you don’t challenge yourself a little and see what else is out there, you may be left wondering what could have been when you get older. Exploring new horizons, such as Reasons to Move to California, can open up a world of opportunities and experiences that you might never have imagined otherwise.

Every year hundreds, if not thousands of people step up to that challenge and head west, to build a new life in the sunshine state of California and they do it with their bags packed to the brim with fashionable items, including the Ray-Ban Clubmaster, to guarantee they look the part and scream California chic. In order to make sure that your move to this marvellous state goes as smoothly as a breeze, it is advised to choose trusted coast-to-coast moving companies in the United States, this will not only ensure that your belongings reach California safely but will also ensure that you have peace of mind while your stuff is hauled from one end on the country to another.

California is a Land of Opportunity

People have been migrating to the West Coast of America for generations, and thousands of families have made their mark on the world and built small fortunes in California. From the gold rush of the late 19th Century to the golden age of cinema in the fifties; California has always been a beacon for people seeking adventure, fame and fortune.

More recently, California has seen a surge in residents working in the high-tech sector, refining algorithms for internet giants like Google and Facebook or building the latest electric cars for Tesla. The farming industry is also going through a boom period in California, with the state producing record numbers of produce like almonds, avocados, and even wines and cheeses.

From just a small patch of land, many people are building a farming dynasty, supplying some of the world’s best produce to major food brands. One of the highest-value crops in California is grapes for wine and raisins.

Wines from California have grown in stature in recent years, with some of the world’s biggest labels sourcing wines from the West Coast. Even a small vineyard can be incredibly profitable as demand increases year after year, pushing up prices.

Some of the Best Schools in the World are in California

The education system in the State of California is well known for providing parents with a wide range of schooling options for their children. There are many different kinds of kindergartens and Montessori-style schools throughout the state, and there are local government initiatives and tax credits available for working families to fund the best education possible for their children.

California’s superior schools aren’t just for K through 12 education, with some of the United States of America’s most prestigious universities located in the state.

In Los Angeles, UCLA has quickly become a hub for students studying medicine, law, and of course film making and screenwriting. The UCLA Berkeley campus if one of the nation’s flagship colleges for public research and discourse, and is known for being a hotbed of political thought and action for its young alumni.

Moving to California can often be one of the best decisions you make for your children’s education, especially if you find the schools in your home town underfunded with a poor record of performance. The Californian education system can give your children the support and resources they need to grow into competent and successful adults in whatever field of interest they choose.

Drive the Pacific Coast Highway – The PCH!

Along the coast of California is one of America’s best roads, that not only provides a convenient connection from the North of the state, but all the way to the border with Mexico just past San Diego if you add on a little of the Interstate highways.

The Pacific Coast Highway has some of the most picturesque truck stops and viewing points dotted along its 660-mile route, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean at just about every turn, and scenery as diverse as beautiful beaches and magnificent mountains presented to you inland.

Driving is one of the American people’s favorite pastimes, and in California you will be blessed by a number of roads that will satisfy your driving desire as well as give your eyes a feast of incredible landscapes. The Pacific Coast Highway is also incredibly useful for exploring the state and commuting from more rural areas into the city for work.

Thousands of Californians use the Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy a peaceful homelife in a quiet beach town or in rural farmland, while still being able to work in the city and enjoy the nightlife of Los Angeles or San Francisco every once in a while.

Go Green in the Sunshine

California has some of the best weather in the world, with year-round sunshine. This has led many Californians to make the switch to solar power to supply their home, and their cars, with clean and renewable solar generated electricity.

From Crescent City in the North, down to San Diego in the South, and from the shining Pacific Ocean to the Nevada state border, California receives far more sunshine throughout the year than most other states; making it the perfect place for a solar installation.

California has the perfect mix of well-priced real estate, year-round sunny skies, and some of the best solar power companies in San Diego. If you are thinking of upping sticks and moving to San Diego then this company might be able to help you achieve your solar dream. Semper Solaris have the latest in solar tech, with solar panels supplied by leading brands like Panasonic, and they have all the latest details on solar financing options in San Diego, and on the local solar tax credits that residents can take advantage of.

Many Californians use solar panels and home battery systems to become almost completely energy independent, and even sell excess electricity they have generated back to the local power company.

Healthy Living in a Health-Focused Culture

For a long time, California has been steadily growing its health and self-care culture which has now come to define the world’s fitness industry.

Just about every health craze you can think of, and every must-have healthy ingredient found its fame in the Sunshine State. Hot Yoga is probably one of the more famous, contemporary fitness developments.

As if contorting yourself in seemingly impossible poses, while maintaining a clear and serene mindset wasn’t challenging enough, Hot Yoga pushes up the temperature in the room and is designed to be yoga that makes you sweat, clearing your pores and giving your muscles and body a more cardio intense session.

Some dietary disciplines that are world famous now, like Keto and even Veganism, gained popularity in the gyms and new-age retreats of California before spreading out into the rest of the world. Now going Keto has become the diet of choice for millions of fitness fanatics across the globe, with people of all ages and abilities cutting down on carbs and filling up on vegetable and meat proteins.

Making the move to California is highly likely to give you more than just a change of scenery, but also a change in lifestyle as you become immersed in its healthy body, healthy mind approach to life.

Enjoy the Best Street Food You Can Find Anywhere

Californian cuisine isn’t all about kale and ketosis, however. When it is time to treat yourself, California has you covered with some of the world’s best restaurants and street vendors offering cutting-edge food that is as much a work of art as it is edible.

The Sunshine State’s diverse population bring with them food influences from across the world, leading to some of the finest fusion foods you can find, often sold from food trucks and carts in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

If you move to California, your taste buds will make the biggest journey as you find Korean Kim-Chi tacos and TexMex ramen noodles offered along the same streets as fast food favourites like hamburgers and pizzas.

The boom in the state’s farming sector has also given Californians a vast cornucopia of produce, much of it organic. Farmer’s markets are becoming festivals of food as Californian farmers have begun diversifying their crops and growing plants and vegetables from around the world, not just ones native to America.

Even products like milk and cheese have seen growth in Californian markets, with cheesemakers of California forming a trail that has tourists and cheese enthusiasts travelling the state to sample artisanal Californian cheese.

Diversity is One of California’s Biggest Strengths

California is home to one of America’s most diverse populations, with people from all over the country and the world settling in the sunshine state. This wealth of global culture helps California to be one of the most unique and vibrant places on the planet.

Californian culture influences the whole world through Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and continues to set global trends in music, food, art, and just about every other aspect of culture you can think of.

Living in California means that you are a part of a cultural phenomenon that helps shape the world, and you and your family can make your mark upon it through your self-expressions in song performance or food, any way you would like to.

Every day a new star is discovered in California, or a new fashion or food is born in a home on a Californian street. Nowhere else are the cultural contributions as diverse as Gangsta Rap like N.W.A and Snoop Doggy Dogg, Micro-computing like Apple and Microsoft, and health and fitness disciplines like Hot Yoga and the Paleo Diet.

Lights, Cameras, and Plenty of Action

Hollywood calls thousands of people to California every year, and not just to be a star. The movie industry in California provides hundreds of thousands of jobs to the state, letting people with all kinds of talents get a piece of the action.

From make-up artists to computer graphics artists, the demand for talented and dedicated individuals to work in the movie industry never ceases, and it is not just movies either. Television and on-demand streaming services are spending billions in the state every year, filming thousands of hours of footage and creating huge demand in all kinds of sectors, like chauffeuring and catering.

The Rest of the World is a Short Hop Away

One of California’s best-kept secrets is its geographic location. California has some of the world’s biggest and busiest airports, and they offer connections across the world. Even far-flung destinations are all within about twelve hours of flying time, unlike anywhere else in the world.

You can reach central Europe in about ten hours from Los Angeles and San Francisco, with Asia and Australia about twelve hours away. New York can be reached in five or six hours, and to the North and South, you can reach destinations as diverse as Montreal or Buenos Aires in a similar amount of time.

Perhaps the most unique flights you can make for a vacation from Californian life is into the Pacific, to the islands of Hawaii or French Polynesia. One of the world’s ultimate resort destinations is the island of Tahiti and its archipelago Bora Bora. Here the best resorts in the world compete to offer visitors a Pacific island experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

And, After All… It Is California!

Put simply, there is no place like California. The state has inspired countless songs, movies and works of art. People feel new in California, like anything is possible there; and sometimes it is. If you have read this far, you probably have already felt the pull of California’s good vibrations.

The landscapes, the views, the bright lights of fame and the fortunes to be made in gold or silicon have given countless Californians the freedom and inspiration they needed to make as much of their lives as they could and put their mark on the world in a million different ways.

Making the move to California can create huge opportunities for you and your family, whether you want to start your own business or seek fame and fortune on the big and little screen. Hint: social connections help us adapt to a new environment, so if you’re moving to California and you have friends there, to let your friends know that you’ll be closer to them soon, you can organize flower delivery to San Diego with online service like MyGlobalFlowers. The company cover Europe and many other countries, so you can send flowers to Berlin, Dublin, London etc.

So if you are ready to embark on that journey, read this comprehensive guide on how to sell your house and move out of state to prepare yourself for the first steps required for your relocation to California.

Hopefully, this top ten list has left you with no more excuses for not following the oldest American dream, and heading West to seek out a new life in a place where the sun always seems to shine brightest.


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