How Property Developers Are Adapting To The Effects Of The Pandemic

There is little doubt that this year’s pandemic has altered every single industry on the planet, mostly for the worse. [...]

There is little doubt that this year’s pandemic has altered every single industry on the planet, mostly for the worse. Those who had previously assumed that there would be any sense of ‘getting back to normal’ are beginning to learn that this is either years away or in some cases, there will never be such a return. One industry which is already beginning to adapt itself to a changing climate is property development, which must react to changes in trends and desires. 

Property expert Frank Carioti has been talking about this on his blog recently, and it is certainly a hot topic of debate in property development circles. Here then, is what we can expect to see change in the coming months and years. 

Smaller Developments in Larger Spaces

The emphasis on outdoor space was never something which the majority of people would have highlighted as being of key importance when looking for a home. The reason of course was that they would have preferred more space inside the space. Given the lockdown however, and that feeling of being closed in, those with large outdoor spaces have be the envy of everyone. Given how real this pandemic has been, and  that we now know something could happen again in the future, we can expect more properties to feature grander outdoor areas.

Private Amenities

Shared amenities have become the norm is so many properties around the world, especially in private developments. Whether we like it or not, our attitudes towards shared spaces and mingling with others will change post-pandemic and that is why property developers are switching up their focus to accommodate those seeking more private amenities when it comes to places to work out and pools. 

The Importance of Varied ‘Areas’ In The Home 

Another realization which many have made this year, is that their home doesn’t feature enough areas which differ from others. Bouncing around a property for months on end soon highlights how boring a property can be. With this in mind property developers are already discussing new and creative designs which enables the home to have a multitude of sections and zones which each offer something different. 

Materials Used In Construction 

Our approach to hygiene is also something which will change a great deal in a post-pandemic world. This changing of opinion will have a big impact on the materials which are used in the property. This is something which Mark Mantione, CEO North America of German luxury interior design company Metrica has already started to discuss: 

“You are going to see closed-pore wood finishes. You’re going to see a lot more metal finishes that have low microbe growth.”

These are just some of the many changes which we can anticipate in the near-future from property developers. This is an industry which always reacts well to changing trends, yet given the events of this year, the approach is certain to see sweeping change. 

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