If the rising costs of petrol have you feeling the stressed this summer, you’re not alone. Each day it feels like a new record high price is set and there appears to be no relief in sight. The longer it continues, the more of a pinch households are feeling as they struggle to cope with this new rather astronomical cost. This is exactly why so many are now looking for ways to cope with the skyrocketing petrol prices without having to make massive sacrifices.

Here we’ll take a look at some practical ways to deal with the rising costs of petrol this summer, from small things you can do to make a difference to more substantial tips.

Driving Efficiently Can Save You Money

You probably know what it means to be efficient in the workplace, but have you ever heard of being an efficient driver? What this means is that you get from point A to B in the most direct route possible, over the shortest period. Using this approach will save you money on petrol since you’ll be stretching out the time between fill-ups. If you have multiple errands and stops to make, plot your route in advance so that it’s efficient and doesn’t involve backtracking.

Ensure Your Car is Well Maintained

A well-maintained car runs best and therefore is the most fuel-efficient. This entails things like ensuring your filters are clean, your tyres are properly inflated and all the main parts are in good working condition. It also means addressing issues when they pop up, rather than ignoring them and letting the problem get bigger.

Don’t Carry Extra Weight

Try taking a look in the boot of your car – are you carrying a lot of extra and unnecessary weight? Perhaps you have heavy sports gear, camping gear, bike racks and so forth stored in the vehicle. All that weight means your car will be using more petrol. Lightening the load will get you better gas mileage.

Learn Which Places Have the Cheapest Petrol

Then there is the fact that petrol isn’t a standard price across the board and some petrol stations will be cheaper than others. The key is to locate the cost-effective ones and plan on filling your car up there. Generally speaking, supermarkets tend to be the cheapest.

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Ride-Sharing or Carpooling Helps Soften the Blow

If you need to be able to use your car to commute to and from work, it could be worth looking into ride-sharing or carpooling. Using this technique means you’ll have someone else to share the cost of petrol with, softening the blow to your wallet. Of course, you’ll need to find someone you trust and are comfortable with who also has the same schedule as you.

Put Off the Summer Road Trip

For those who had plans of hitting the open road for a summer road trip, it may be wise to re-think your itinerary. Instead, why not plan a stay-cation where you visit local sights, attractions and restaurants in your town? Think of it as a chance to act like a tourist in your city or town. This will save you a small fortune in petrol, yet it will still feel like a holiday and something to look forward to.

There’s No Better Time to Consider an Electric Vehicle

Whether you’ve thought about an electric vehicle in the past or not, it appears to be on a lot of people’s minds nowadays. An electric vehicle is one of the best ways to combat the rising costs of petrol, as it will no longer be a stress or worry for you. And it’s not just the savings that you’ll enjoy on petrol; electric car costs, in general, tend to be cheaper. In such tight financial times, that is welcome news.

In calculating electric car costs you’ll need to factor in the price to buy or lease the vehicle, insurance, maintenance and of course the costs to charge the car. Something that may come as a surprise to consumers is how affordable electric cars have become. All in all, it can be a significant saving over that of a traditional petrol-reliant vehicle.

When All Else Fails – Opt for Other Transportation Methods

When all else fails, it’s wise to opt for other transportation methods. This means walking, biking, or taking the bus or tube whenever possible. Anything that will save you money on petrol is worth looking into, even if it’s just for some of your trips and errands.

Thanks to all of these tips, there’s no reason for you to feel like you don’t have control over the cost of petrol as there are ways you can limit what you’re spending. It comes down to how much of a sacrifice you’re willing to make.


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