Everyone feels good when they are rewarded by their employer. In a world which is perfect, an employer would be able to give every employee great raises and ensure that they have a lavish dinner at the end of every month. But in reality, that is not possible. Finding ways for employee recognition programs need not be that expensive. A thoughtful act or gift that employees can take home and be proud of can also do the trick. Beautiful, unique custom-designed plaques are one of those. They are sentimental and provide tangible proof of their hard work and a source of inspiration to them.

The statement about thoughts being what counts is not far from the truth. Thoughtful, simple gestures will go a long way in ensuring that gratitude is expressed. Employees who feel that they are appreciated by their employers will try to work harder and enjoy their job more and in the process, create a situation which is a win-win situation.

  • Praises: You will not use a single cent when you offer praises. Praises which are meaningful could be the simplest way to reward employees. It will show that you care and that you appreciate them. A private conversation or a handwritten thank you note detailing how much you are appreciating efforts made by an employee will be able to create a dialogue which is long-lasting about performance while at the same time,keeping your employees on course and in the process, improving engagement.

You should avoid the generic thank you cards and emails as these will make the gesture cheaper and more of an obligation than recognition. You can decide to come up with a recognition culture at your organization.

  • Showcasing: The rocks stars of your company are the best employees. When you give them an opportunity to lead by example, it will ensure that they reinforce their ideas that their accomplishments are through examples.

When you recognize employees as per their specific roles such as in sales, support, or customer service, it will make them feel validated. You can decide to put a leaderboard up in the ballroom to showcase monthly winners in each category.

This will be able to inspire other employees to want to compete for the same spot. Leaderboards need to be designed in such a way that, they encourage and not discourage.

  • Responsibility: Whatever responsibility you give an employee should be able to correlate with how capable you think they are. When you select an employee to be the one to lead a specific task or leaving them to make independent judgments without you getting involved directly might just show that you believe in what they are doing.

It means that you take their career task seriously and that they tend to be deserving to be considered for promotion or be able to take more important roles which are within the company.

  • Gamification: This is a very excellent way of rewarding several employees at once. You can use gamification to add an interest level to tasks that are done on a routine basis and it will be able to boost your engagement and at the same time, set a competitive, fun environment for your employees. They will as if they are being less pushed to work hard without being recognized and more like you want to have fun together with them. Corporate Massage: This is also a perfect way to distress and pampers your employees after all their struggles and hardships. Creating a positive, stress-free office environment can increase your employee’s potential and work effort. You can also give this type of wellness program to those employees who are relentless in achieving their goals and contributing success to the company. After all, everyone deserves a break and relaxation.
  • Reward System: This one is quite straightforward and literal. A reward system for employees is one that gives them tangible rewards for tasks well performed and goals reached. This could be something as simple as a free coffee or lunch. However, these systems can become complex if you involve programs that offer gift cards or experiential gifts.

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