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 How To Get Around Copenhagen

How To Get Around Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a lot to offer, whether you are visiting for a week or even a couple of days. So, to ensure you spend your time wisely

July 12th, 2023

How To Get Around Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a lot to offer, whether you are visiting for a week or even a couple of days. So, to ensure you spend your time wisely taking in all the sights, let’s look at the different ways to get around the city, and let you in on some tips.


Uniquely, Copenhagen boasts a variety of boat routes which are part of its widespread public transport network. Known as the Harbor Bus, these electric boats are wheelchair accessible, and anchor down at nine different stops around the city. As it is part of the public transport system, travellers can use a Rejsekort travel card, DOT Mobilbilletter app, or purchase a ticket that allows for boat travel. If you have already got a Copenhagen Card to visit the nearby attractions, this should allow access onto any public transport for free. For more comprehensive views of Copenhagen by boat, a cruise is a worthy consideration. The Silversea Silver Dawn offers several round-trip cruises from Copenhagen, exploring the Norwegian Fjords, Northern Lights, and the wider Scandinavian and Baltic areas.


Ever since the first bike lane was established in 1892, the bicycle culture in Copenhagen has steadily risen in popularity. As of now, Copenhagen boasts 385 km (239 miles) of bicycle lanes - there’s no wonder, then, that Copenhagen has regularly been ranked as the number 1 city for cycling. When visiting the city, cycling is unsurprisingly the most efficient way to get around, as well as providing light exercise and beautiful views of the city. Nevertheless, as many residents use the cycle lanes to commute to and from their workplace, remember to always follow the rules of the road.

To get your hands on a bike for the duration of your stay, you have a couple of different options. Firstly, have a look for local bike shops - in addition to selling bikes, they often have bike rental services, too. If there are none in the area, consider downloading a bike-share app, particularly Copenhagen’s own Bycyklen. If either of these options are a miss, it is always worth asking the hotel you are staying at, or the host of your AirBnb, as they may have bike rental services (or kindly lend you one) whilst you are in the city.


The Copenhagen Metro system consists of a fleet of self-driving trains, which allows them to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are four lines that run through the city, and 39 stations, meaning there’s typically always one within walking distance. In addition, the trains are usually very reliable, and arrive every few minutes. Nevertheless, if you do miss a train and there’s a delay, don’t worry - Copenhagen is pretty condensed which makes it easily traversable by foot, too.

If you are flying into or out of Copenhagen’s airport, the Metro is the most cost effective way to travel into the city centre - plus, the journey takes under 15 minutes.


Of course, there will be times where you’re in need of a cab, whether you’ve walked a little too far or decided to check out one of Copenhagen’s vibrant clubs. If so, it is worth noting that the city does not have Uber due to Denmark’s laws. Instead, look to hail a local cab, ask for recommendations of a reliable taxi service, or consider a different taxi app that is available in the city.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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