Being a student doesn’t mean you cannot live in luxury. You just need to know where to find the best deals and how to make the most of student life. This comes from finding the best student accommodation and making the most of student discounts and events. Here is just how you can begin your journey to be a luxurious student.

Ditch the Fancy Coffees

Starbucks or Costa eating away at your already tiny budget? Let’s face it, student life requires a caffeine hit and if you cannot live without your favourite coffee, look no further. Rather than spending a fortune on your favourite morning beverage, purchasing a cafetière and a reusable cup saves money and the environment! A cafetière is cheap and easy to use and can be used to make freshly ground coffee that tastes like it came from any of your go-to coffee shop. This means less time standing in the queue for Starbucks and more time spent being on time for your lecture.

Choosing the Right Student Accommodation

Student accommodation can be luxurious, you just need to find the right one. For example, the student accommodation Bournemouth has to offer, provided by Collegiate, is truly next level. Student digs, such as this accommodation by Collegiate boasts some amazing features and is one of the best accommodation options in the UK for students. Not only do you have your very own room and en-suite, all furbished with a modern and sleek finish, you also get an on-site cinema, residents’ lounge, a private fitness suite and a high-class dinner party room! All of this in a student accommodation means you do not even have to leave your building to be living in luxury. You may find that you’ll even save money in the long run, as you won’t need to pay for a gym membership, Wi-Fi and much more.

Make Use of Student Discounts

Student discounts and deals could save you a lot of money and lead you to be able to eat out in places that you normally would have to budget for. It also allows you to take advantage of deals by some of your favourite clothing brands. The best way to never miss a deal is to visit Save the Student. This allows you to always be up-to-date with the latest news on all things discount. As a student, you can get free trials with companies such as Amazon Prime and tastecard, saving you tons of cash that you can spend on what matters most. Many shopping centres also have one night a year in which students can shop throughout the whole centre and save tons of cash on some of the biggest brands! Always be on the lookout for student discounts before making a purchase!

Although many of us do not have a great income whilst living the student lifestyle, we can still live the life of luxury if you know how. Following these tips can aid in you feeling less like a student and more like royalty (almost).


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