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How to Look Like a Girl Boss

There’s nothing like dressing the part to give you the confidence boost you need when you want to be taken seriously.

There’s nothing like dressing the part to give you the confidence boost you need when you want to be taken seriously. Whether or not you work in a traditional office, dressing like a girl boss is something every woman should try at least once in a while to increase your self assurance. Here’s how you can transform yourself into a girl boss:

Sleek Hair and Makeup

Unkempt hair and loud makeup have no place in an office or a meeting with important execs. If you want to look like a girl boss, you’ll have to save the trendy hairstyles and experimental makeup looks for the weekend or club. When it comes to power dressing, sleek, clean, and natural is the way to go. A beat high ponytail is a great hairstyle for a girl boss. It works best if you have thick, long hair, so if you have neither, you may want to hack the look by using hair extensions, which you can find at https://truegloryhair.com/.

When buying hair extensions, make sure to shop from a reputable company like True Glory Hair that uses real hair for a realistic, undetectable look. True Glory Hair uses real Indian and Brazilian virgin hair so their extensions look, feel, and move just like your natural hair. They are well made and durable too, so you can style them just as you would your natural hair.

A mid length bob is another great hairstyle to wear, and suits a wide variety of face shapes and hair textures, whether you have straight or wavy hair. Make sure you properly care for your hair to keep it healthy, strong, and looking shiny and beautiful. Great hair is a sign that you are in control, including of your health, and that you take good care of yourself.

When it comes to makeup, don’t go overboard. Natural is best when you want to look competent and professional. Stick to a light foundation to even out your complexion, and use concealer sparingly to cover up any flaws or blemishes. Keep your eyebrows well groomed and use mascara and liner to define your eyes, but otherwise avoid any wild eyeshadow looks or applying too much color around your eyes.

Light blush will give you a healthy flush, but don’t go overboard with contouring or bronzing, and save the blinding highlighter for fancy evening events. When it comes to lipstick, a rosy nude shade that is close to your natural lip color is always a safe bet, but a bold lipstick in a classic red or berry shade will give the impression of power and confidence.

Structured and Tailored

When it comes to clothes, loose fitting and slouchy sweaters, cardigans, and blouses are out. Go for more structured pieces to look sharp and well put together.

Fit is absolutely everything when power dressing. Ill fitting clothes will make you look sloppy and unkempt, so it’s worth investing in essential pieces like blazers and slacks from higher-end brands to get the perfect fit. It’s also worth taking your dress shirts and pants to the tailor to get them adjusted to fit your body exactly.

For color choices, stick to neutrals and high contrasts like black and white, navy blue and white, or beige and tan. These are classic, powerful color combinations that show that you mean business. Red is also a powerful color, so splashes of it here and there can add to the boldness of your outfit, but use sparingly!

If you’re dressing for an important meeting or presentation, a pencil skirt and heels looks flattering on almost everyone and is a combination that exudes feminine confidence.

Keep these tips in mind when dressing for the office or work, and you’ll look every inch the girl boss you know you are.