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How to make your house the Belle of the Christmas ball this festive season

How to make your house the Belle of the Christmas ball this festive season

How to make your house the Belle of the Christmas ball this festive season

November 13th, 2022

Halloween is over and that can only mean one thing: Christmas can’t be far away! That might mean that you want to start thinking about how to decorate your house for the festive season.

Whether you’ve taken inspiration from Christmassy movies like Home Alone and Deck The Halls or prefer something more lowkey or with religious significance, there’s all kinds of fun to be had in making your house sparkle. You can stay simple by adding some decorations or go all out by doing some masonry portland works and adding an outdoor fireplace. It will give off a cozy warmth in the cold weather, and you can use it for entertaining guests.

Take a good look at your home’s exterior

Before making any big plans, go outside and consider what would look good where. Maybe some fairylights would brighten up the corners of your house, perhaps some outdoor light-up reindeers would look magical prancing through your garden or you might even come to the conclusion that an elegant wreath is all your house needs.

Step back from your house too, taking in the driveway, other walkways and the roof. Popular decoration ideas for these areas include adding extra outdoor lighting along the edges of the drive, installing some Christmas trees along other paths and adding icicle lights to the roof for some extra sparkle.

If you’re anything like Home Alone’s Kevin Malone, you won’t want a single inch to be wanting of Christmas cheer.

Consider the added cost

Before buying and installing an entire light show that’ll make your neighbours green with envy, consider first the expenses of having to buy the decorative equipment and the running costs. With rising energy prices heading our way this winter, it’s worth double checking if you can afford an extravagant setup.

If you do decide to go ahead, locate your main power outlet as this will determine where you can have certain decorations and how many it can accommodate.

Affordable ideas for decorating your house

If you want to keep your energy bills to a minimum this Christmas, there’s nothing stopping you from still making your house look the part. Opt for a more homemade, rustic feel with a collection of potted fern trees placed outside your doors, collect some fauna from the forest and make your own wreath or some Christmassy garlands to wrap around door posts. Make an occasion of it, invite friends and family around and make your wreaths together.

Other homemade ideas include wrapping up your front door like a Christmas gift with a giant red bow, decorating your trees with colourful baubles or adding homemade lanterns to your driveway.

Add religious motifs

Christmas is, after all, a religious holiday. If you want to acknowledge this in some way, consider adding a Nativity display or a figurine of baby Jesus somewhere outside your house. Christmas means different things to different people, so let your house express that!

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