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How to Organise a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

How to Organise a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Shoe drive fundraisers aren’t hard to plan and execute. They are perhaps one of the simplest charity models to organize.

December 25th, 2020

Shoe drive fundraisers aren’t hard to plan and execute. They are perhaps one of the simplest charity models to organize. It’s a great way to raise money for an organization or company. When organizing a shoe drive, the most important thing is to create the right strategy.

If you don’t have a strategy yet, then you’re in luck, as we have everything ready for you here.

Have a Goal for the Shoe Drive

Working without a goal is a sure recipe for failure. Goals help us to track where we’ve come from, and judge how far we are. Start by setting up attainable goals for the shoe drive. Don’t be too ambitious to forget that progress comes steadily.

What will determine the goal of your shoe drive is the amount that you intend to raise. Also, the number of people you want to help will affect your goals. Once you figure out these two factors, you’re ready to create a goal for the campaign.

Your shoe drive goal will determine how many pairs of shoes you’ll need to collect. If possible, break down the goal into smaller segments, attainable every week. Avoid having the entire goal as a block, as this might be self-defeating.

Take it this way – if you were told that you’ll need to complete 300 pushups you’d feel hesitant, right? Well, unless, you’re a committed body trainer and builder. But what if they told you to do 10 pushups every day till 300? Wouldn’t that sound easier? That’s exactly the same point with a shoe drive goal – break it down.

Choose the Right Timing

Not every time is right to organize and successfully hold a shoe drive. Some seasons or times are better than others. Your shoe drive campaign shouldn’t run when people feel overwhelmed with different needs. It should be strategic in a way that doesn’t interfere with the donors.

People tend to shop for new stuff, including shoes in varying times and seasons. For instance, during the festivities, most people will replace their old shoes with new ones. This might as well be a great time to hold the campaign. People would be looking for ways to get rid of their old pairs of shoes. And there you are to lessen their load.

The festivities have people deep cleaning and clearing their closets. They’d be motivated to send their pairs of shoes to create space for new ones. Just be sure to carry out door-to-door campaigns or rather have strategic donation bins for those interested in making their contributions.

Another impressive time to organize a shoe drive is when the schools are opening. Chances are that a kid will not fit in his or her shoes anymore when school resumes. Therefore, they’ll need new pairs of shoes to go with to school. The question is – where will the old pair of shoes go ? That’s where you come in as the shoe drive campaign.

The New Year is equally a great time to plan a shoe drive. At this time, people are working on resolutions, including getting new items. On their list may be shoes, which works to your advantage.

Communicate the Cause Extensively

A shoe drive is something you’ll have to advertise far and wide so that you can reach as many people as possible. Every single donor is important to the cause. Whether you’re reaching people online or offline, try to be as broad in targeting as possible. You don’t know who might be interested in having your back.

Nonetheless, the campaign isn’t all about aimless promotions. You’ll need to convince people why they should support your cause. And this is where a compelling message comes in.

Outline clearly what your reason for collecting the shoes is, and where you’ll take them. You can also communicate where the amount obtained from the shoes will go. Convincing reasons will make donors more comfortable and generous in their giving. Show them the benefits of donating and touching someone else’s life.

Work on Getting Volunteers for the Shoe Drive

Hosting a successful campaign requires the involvement of a team. Often, you may not have a budget to pay everyone involved in the cause. Thus, you’ll need those with the goodwill to volunteer. Tell them why they should volunteer their time to the cause, and what they need to do.

Be Diligent in Promotion of the Shoe Drive

Find the most strategic places within and without your community for promoting your campaign. Charity begins at home, and so it’d be great if you started from your community. Mobilize people living around and share the idea with them.

Publish announcements in the local dailies if you can, or create sufficient posters and fliers. Get the message out there in every way that you can. You can equally leverage the power of social media platforms to reach a larger audience. The more shoes you get, the more people you can assist.

Final Thoughts

A successful shoe drive isn’t just about collecting money, but also saving the environment. So, use these tips and any others you find helpful to execute a great campaign.



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