There are a lot of firsts in a child’s life, especially during the few first years. There’s the first word, the first step, even the first time they graduate from breast milk and use a sippy cup while drinking through a straw. Those are all significant milestones, and parents look forward to experiencing them with their toddlers. One of the biggest milestones is when they start school, and unlike the first time they drink with an open cup, this milestone can be scary for both kids and parents.

However, starting pre-K is something most parents consider extremely important, not only for their children’s education but also for social development purposes. You’ll need to make sure they’re prepared with everything they need for a great educational experience, including a packed lunch with solid food, their trainer cup, with the no-spill spout or a cup with a straw, and a diaper bag, if needed for younger toddlers. Let’s delve into a few ways you can prepare your little one for their pre-K life to come.

Visit the preschool.

When you’re choosing the best sippy cup for your toddler, you don’t just purchase the first one you come across, do you? No, you don’t. You search for one that will keep your toddler happy, and help them prepare for their transition cup so that they can drink like the big kids do. Of course, no matter what kind of product you’re looking for to help your toddler, you’ll be looking for something with the ease of use that’s also high quality.

You would never skip out on your research into a good pediatrician, and you’d likely even check references from the American Academy of Pediatrics before visiting each office on your list. The same should hold for the preschool they attend. MUSE Academyis a great choice to find the full potential of every child and prepare a generation of lifelong learners. You’ll find that visual arts, music, and performance are of great importance at this school, and pre-K and Kindergarten programs are designed to instill creativity and passion into each child at an early age.

Of course, whether it’s MUSE or another preschool in your area, you need to visit the school ahead of time with your child in tow. Especially if your kiddo hasn’t been out of a stroller for long, it’s important for you to see how they react to the school you’re considering.

Visit your child’s classroom a few days ahead of time so that you both can meet their teacher and get used to being in the classroom setting. If there’s a class schedule posted, show it to your child. Show them where they’ll keep their book bag and even where they’ll sit if that’s already decided. Visiting the classroom and meeting the teacher will go a long way towards making your child comfortable in the pre-K setting.

Read books about pre-school.

It’s a good idea to settle in with your child for a day of reading about pre-school and all the fun the children have there. It’ll be fun for your child to cuddle on the couch at your side to listen to you read about characters in books going to their first day of school.

Reading books about preschool is a great way to get your child’s imagination going, and it’s also a great way to get them excited about their own first day in school. It might even help you wean your child away from stubborn habits, as most kids are going to want to behave like the other ones they see in school. The point is to get your child ready to be a big boy or girl by reading to them about other kids who have gone to school before.

These are just a couple of tips for preparing your child to go to pre-K. Remember, don’t cry when you drop your child off for the first day, and chances are they won’t cry either and will be able to enjoy their first day.


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