To be a bookworm is to be a connoisseur of all good things in life. Besides, books are also quite complementing and even uplifting to the home décor. Books add a certain amount of soulfulness to every house. Homes with bookshelves, book walls or simply coffee tables laden with books can be cosy nooks or a paradise for a voracious reader.

A touch of green

Spaces are not designed as homogenously as before. Now, the concept of bringing in the outdoors, of adding green to enliven settings is quite popular and preferred by those who think about well-being. Plants and greenery are as much soothing to the eye and energising for the intellect as much as books. At the turn of every chapter, if you could gaze at some green shoots and spreads, the reading should carry on splendidly.

Adding greenery to the home décor is always a gorgeous upgrade. For those who love the leaf of both plants and books, here:

  1. Walk-in book shelf framed with vines. Operating on the walk-in closet principle, the walk-in book shelf can include a reading nook and dedicated sections for various subjects. The doorway framed with vines like Devil’s Ivy, Star Jasmine, Creeping Fig, or Hoya could point alluringly to some secluded reading time.
  2. Hanging garden in the balcony or terrace. Reading in open spaces is always better. Imagine being cocooned amidst various hanging pots and planters while you savour your period romances. Place a cot or hammock, turn the outer wall into a book rack and hang planters with interesting succulents like String of Pearls, Burro’s Tail or other hanging wonders such as Bird’s Nest Fern, Chenille, Maidenhair Fern, etc.
  3. Sci-fi terrarium study. If your horde of books is meticulously arranged in your study, it doesn’t mean that you are doomed with sterile surroundings. Tease the fantasy or sci-fi loving and plant hugging reader in you by arranging terrariums at every level and corner. You can hang them or place them as book ends. Think of Air Plant, Moon Valley, Golden Clubmoss, African Violet, etc. in their glass encased glory.
  4. Pots for the wandering bookworm. Sometimes you want to get comfy in the couch or bed, sometimes you need a solid desk with an upright chair. Or maybe the mood is to sit at the window seat with the rain outside. This bookworm has books stacked everywhere and on every surface, why not nature too? Dot your home with pots and planters that will grow your favourite flowers and soothing plants. From air purifying to stunning leaves, the choices are endless.

Books and plants can be imaginatively mixed to x-create an eclectic array of home décor styles. Sitting down with a book surrounded by nature is indeed paradise.

You can opt for stone or concrete planters for an industrial look. Also co-ordinate pots, planters and plinths to contrast or complement, options include enhanced warmer timber tones, earthy handcrafted textures. Create your own nature and reading paradise with any combination of tactile textural pot planters.


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