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Learn Everything About Weed Concentrates in Less Than 5 Minutes

If you have been enjoying marijuana for some time now, you must have heard about the new product around the block, i.e., weed concentrates.

If you have been enjoying marijuana for some time now, you must have heard about the new product around the block, i.e., weed concentrates. These extracts, like any other marijuana product, are made from medicinal cannabis herb. The only difference is that they are a bit more hard-hitting than the traditional ones.

The concentrates are generally extracted from the potent part of the cannabis flowers, usually a mix of the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the bud. The whole process of extraction removes all the unwanted parts of the flowers along with impurities.

Now that we have an idea about concentrates, the next thing would be to understand their usage and the different ways of finding them for consumption. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

How Do I Use The Concentrates?

If you are a marijuana user who’s searching for something different and potent, then cannabis distillates/concentrates are worth a try. The concentration of THC in cannabis extracts is comparatively more if compared with others. Also, the effects of distillates stay for a very long time. Some of the popular concentrates are Rosin, Wax, Shatter, Hash, and many more. You can use these concentrates in a variety of ways. A few of them are mentioned below.

  • Vaping is one of the popular ways to intake cannabis distillates. Although you need the proper equipment to vape, there are now many specifically designed vaporizers that are made keeping in mind all the details of using weed distillates.
  • If you don’t have access to vaping equipment, the best way to consume concentrates is smoking. You need to crumble wax and mix it with your cannabis flower. Although, this is not the most efficient model to intake concentrates. But, you can roll it in a joint or bong to feel the extra kick.
  • One of the best ways to intake concentrates is through dabbing. The whole process makes use of a dab rig or pen. A dab rig is a miniature version of a bong that is intricately designed to dab weed distillates. You will also need a metal nail, a blowtorch.

If you are looking for the most incredible variety of marijuana distillates, the best way would be to find it online. You can order any type of concentrate and have it delivered straight to your doorsteps. If you are a beginner, you may want to start with the sample size. Once you get the hang of a particular concentrate better, you can always order more.


Marijuana has become an inherent part of our lives, even though this medicinal herb’s benefits are yet to be fully realized. While you have a wide variety of available consumption methods, going for new innovative products is always a treat.

But to use these products, you must be legally eligible to use the herb. Many states and countries have put marijuana laws in their respective states to ensure the safe and regulated use of marijuana. So, what are you waiting for? Did you place your order yet?