For many women, finding the perfect underwear is a very stressful affair. After all, what’s even the definition of perfect in this day and age? Is it a comfortable fit? Or maybe something that shows off your beautiful body in all the right places? Perhaps it’s feeling supported in a good breathable fabric?

Thanks to innovations in shapewear, and modern brands like SKIMS underwear, you can actually achieve all of these things while feeling fantastic about yourself at the same time!

Here are some helpful hints to guide you from an uncertain shopper to a bonafide shapewear queen in no time.

Embrace your body shape and celebrate it!

There’s enough negativity in the world without you being harsh about your own body too. The first step to finding the perfect shapewear for your body is to accept and love your body shape exactly how it is now. There’s no more room for self-doubt and insecurity here, celebrate your body and be unapologetically yourself as you do so!

When you’re able to look in the mirror and love what you see, you’ll be able to make the most of what modern shapewear has to offer women. It’s not about making yourself look a certain way that old beauty standards once demanded. It’s about demanding the world accept your beautiful body as it is while helping to give you more comfort and shape as you accentuate your most stunning features.

Search for shapewear that accentuates and hugs in all the right places

Once you’ve opened the door to all the possibilities that shapewear offers up, you’ll never look back! Whether it’s to feel a little more desirable on a big night out, add a little more definition to your body for a quick self-esteem boost on a bad day, or just enjoy the feel of the loungewear options when you’re relaxing around the house, there’s a shapewear solution for every want and need.

There are bras that can minimize the look of your bust and even ones to help your breasts feel less compressed, all with adjustable strap options, or strapless support that also supports the lower back and firms the cups a little more.

For underwear that helps you feel more comfortable and confident in everyday life, shapewear briefs help to discreetly make your body pop a little more on those t-shirt and jeans days. There are also panties, tanga briefs, and boxers in all shades of color to sculpt the hips, lift the butt, and flatten the stomach.

The choices are yours to make the most of. But with discreet, elasticated shapewear that’s made from quality breathable fabrics, there’s an option to suit every kind of curve and body type!

Consider what you’re shopping for and why

With so much pressure on women to look and act a certain way, it’s important to stop and consider why you’re doing something. If you can answer that question with a “because I want to” then you’re on the right track to using your shapewear journey to take you to complete self-love and acceptance!


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