Santorini, the jewel of the Aegean Sea, offers picture postcard views of whitewashed villages with iconic azure blue roofs and breathtaking tangerine sunsets synonymous with the island. However, exploring Santorini from the comfort of a luxury boat is an extraordinary experience that unveils the true essence of life in Santorini.

I was staying at Andronis Concept Wellness Resort which arranged for me to join the Santorini Yachting Club at the old port of Ammoudi for a four-hour boat tour of this picturesque Greek island. I was spending the day onboard the Black Pearl, It’s spacious and luxurious, equipped with comfortable seating, shaded areas, and all the amenities you need to relax and enjoy your day at sea. The crew is friendly and knowledgeable, our skipper, a local, was full of insider tips and information about Santorini’s history and knew all the Instagramable spots and hidden gems.

Life in Santorini

As we maneuvered out of the port into the open sea, we were treated to spectacular views of the island’s cliffs, dotted with white and blue villages, a perspective that’s impossible to replicate from land. While the boat sails to the first destination the crew start serving drinks while I kick back on the top deck and soak up some rays and stunning vistas. I already love boat life.

The first stop is the hot springs on the volcanic island of Palea Kameni. These dark, reddish, natural hot springs are believed to have healing and therapeutic properties for various ailments. I was expecting the water to be hot, yet despite its name, it wasn’t. The craggy volcanic landscape added a dramatic backdrop to my swim. After a quick dip, I was back on the boat, and we headed to the white and black beach. There are three stops throughout the tour, and the highlight is undoubtedly the opportunity to visit secluded coves and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Our skipper knew all the best locations, steering us away from the crowds to secluded paradises that felt like they were ours alone.

A delicious Greek lunch was prepared onboard by the attentive crew, including an array of traditional mezze dishes, salad, and a barbeque served with a local Santorini wine. Perched on the top deck, taking in the ever-changing panoramas surrounding me while the golden sun warmed my skin, I was definitely living my best boat life.

The time seemed to sweep by, and before I knew it, we were pulling back into port. For anyone looking to see Santorini by sea, this is a must-do experience. A combination of striking scenery, cultural insights, and great food makes this an unforgettable experience.

I booked the semi-private Majestic Cruise, 190 euros per passenger during high season. The cruise includes:

  • Complimentary transfer to and from your hotel
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Towels
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Welcome snacks, lunch, and dessert
  • Open bar including wine, beers, ouzo, soft drinks, juice and water

Andronis Concept is £447.95 per night based on two adults in a Cozy Suite and includes breakfast.

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