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Lockdown lifting? You’ll need these handbag essentials

Lockdown lifting? You’ll need these handbag essentials

The idea of spending time with friends and family once more is slowly becoming a reality.

April 12th, 2021

The idea of spending time with friends and family once more is slowly becoming a reality. But it’s been so long since we’ve spent any extended time out of the house, it’s worth reconsidering what we should take with us. Here we’ll explore the handbag essentials you’ll need as lockdown begins to lift.

Hand sanitizer

While the idea of everything reopening once more fills us with excitement and anticipation, we all have to do our bit to reduce the spread of infection and keep germs, bacteria and the virus at bay. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer available in your handbag means you can kill the germs on your hands, using the right technique within seconds. Worried about dry, cracked hands? Purdy & Figg supply a luxury range of antibacterial hand sanitizer spray, containing 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol, blended with essential oils to create sumptuous fragrances. Ultimately, leaving your skin feeling soft and protected. Don’t leave home without yours!

Your facemask

Rules regarding facemasks are constantly under review, and there are currently no plans to change the law about wearing them in public places. So, whether you’re finally planning to meet friends at your favourite rooftop bar, you’ve booked alfresco dining with your partner, or you’re looking forward to browsing in your favourite stores again, having a high-quality mask in your bag will keep you and those around you safe. If you’re worried about your skin, switch to a silk mask and avoid wearing makeup under your mask where possible.


Restrictions are lifting, just in time for the nicer weather! Keeping a pair of high-quality sunglasses with UV protection to hand will ensure comfort and chic whilst you enjoy meeting up with friends outdoors in a secure setting. Make sure they complement your outfit of course!

Hairbrush and hair ties

Fly-aways, untameable curls and unpredictable weather don’t go hand in hand. Therefore keeping a hairbrush, and a selection of hair ties or hair wraps available in your bag will help you keep your tresses under control and looking great – no matter what the weather is doing!


Due to new rules being put into place, we’re going to be spending more time outdoors. Extended time outdoors means exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and your skin could be affected, accelerating the ageing process and putting you at risk of skin cancer. Even if you’re meeting friends on a cloudy overcast day, you should always wear an SPF to protect your skin. Applying an SPF should be part of your daily skincare routine, whether you wear a foundation that contains an SPF, or you add a touch of sun cream to your face and exposed skin, remember to top up your skin protection every couple of hours.

Your cell phone (with a portable charger)

Leaving home without your cell phone is a nightmare scenario but running out of battery can turn your day into a disaster. Whether you’re using your phone to hire an Uber, using Google Maps to find your way, calling a parent or uploading all those selfies of you and your friends to social media, consider taking along a portable charger to ensure you get home safely, and always have your phone ready.



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