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Manufacturing Frontiers: Mexico vs. the Philippines

Globalization has enabled developments in the manufacturing world that is now always changing, with investors permanently looking


Globalization has enabled developments in the manufacturing world that is now always changing, with investors permanently looking for new locations to expand or relocate their facilities and governments across the world looking to offer a healthy business environment in order to attract all those lucrative investments. 

There are many countries competing to be the most attractive manufacturing hub,  and it would take a book to cover all options and details, so in this article we decided to focus on just two, Mexico and the Philippines, each with their own attractive points that have been recognized by investors for decades.

In the article we will compare manufacturing in these two countries, with a special focus on the advantages of shelter services in Mexico, which is an area that the Philippines are still lacking in, and have plenty of space for improvement.

Manufacturing in Mexico with the Help of Shelter Services

Mexico is a well-established manufacturing hub that has been excelling in the fields of textiles, medical devices, and electronics manufacturing for a long time. The country has a great strategic location from which it can reach different markets easily, and because of its favorable trade agreements and laws, cheaply.

With a skilled and cheap labor force and a well-developed transportation network Mexico is going to keep attracting investment, but there is another aspect in which Mexico excels and is probably the world leader. This aspect are shelter service providers. They offer a turn-key solution for investors taking care of company registration, compliance issues, administrative tasks, and a plethora of other issues on behalf of the company to ease the investors’ entry into the market and allow them to focus strictly on the company’s core activities.

Shelter service providers have an established infrastructure and developed industrial real estate with industrial parks and individual factories which significantly cuts setup time and costs. They are well connected and will establish and maintain the supply chain and relationships with local and international partners in record times which is especially beneficial for new and upcoming businesses that are oftentimes not well versed in these dealings, especially in a foreign country.

Furthermore, shelter services include assistance with all aspects of human resources and accounting, so they will recruit and train local talent, as well as handle the payroll, retirement programs,  severance packages,and all other financial aspects to again enable manufacturers to focus on their core business activities.

Shelter service providers are a great asset to the country and are often that final argument that convinces investors that Mexico is indeed the best choice for expanding or relocating internationally.

Manufacturing in the Philippines

Philippines are also a promising destination for manufacturing investment, as they offer another strategic location with cheap labor and relatively low costs, but the country lacks in comprehensive shelter services, which are still underdeveloped, and we have already seen how much they can accelerate integration and expansion to a new market and country.

The Philippines have a skilled workforce that is largely English-speaking and the business environment is generally investment friendly, but foreign companies often face challenges when trying to navigate the country’s complex legal and regulatory system. While in Mexico, experienced shelter service providers handle these things for the investor, in the Philippines, the availability of similar support is limited.

Setup costs are usually higher and it takes longer to register and set up the production and even things like finding adequate industrial real estate sometimes prove too difficult which ultimately deters investment.

Hiring and training a team of skilled workers is another aspect that is more difficult to do in the Philippines. Although there are agencies that can help, none offer as comprehensive a range of services as shelter providers do in Mexico.

While the Philippines offer many benefits to potential foreign investors, the lack of comprehensive shelter services comparable to the ones in Mexico means that the country will oftentimes get overlooked for investment, and the Philippines will have to take steps to develop these services in order to compete with the rest of the manufacturing world.


The advantages of shelter services in Mexico ensure that the country will attract investment ahead of the Philippines for the foreseeable future. Shelter service providers streamline the process of relocation to the country for investors, handling everything from registration and compliance issues and administrative tasks to accounting and recruiting staff, while offering access to state-of-the-art industrial facilities and well-established support networks and supply chains. These service providers have been proven essential in attracting numerous investors who have recognized the advantages and savings in both cost and time.

As investors compare these two countries for potential relocation or expansion of their production facilities, shelter service providers are sure to maintain Mexico’s appeal as the Philippines currently don’t offer anything as comprehensive.