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Maximalism Home Decor: How To Do It Right

Learn how to bring out bold, vibrant maximalist style in your home with this guide to eclectic decor that spotlights your passion for colour and collecting.

Do you crave bold, vibrant style but minimalism leaves you cold? Does the sight of pristine, empty rooms make you yearn for something with more personality? Then it’s time to change maximalism – the exuberant decorating style that celebrates eclectic abundance. If the minimalist motto is “less is more,” maximalism’s mantra is “more is more!” This explosion of colour, pattern, and treasured collections may seem chaotic to some but maximalists find it cosy. Ready to infuse your home with energising maximalist style?

Read on to know the secrets of layered, personalised decor that showcases your passion for collecting and self-expression.

What is Maximalism Home Decor?

Maximalism home decor is a bold, vibrant style of interior design that layers colours, patterns, textures, and meaningful treasures to create a personalised, curated look. The maximalist philosophy is that “more is more” – the more you add your favourite items and self-expression into a space, the better.

Maximalist interiors are the opposite of stark, minimalist styles. They’re cosy, quirky, and packed with personality. This look certainly isn’t for everyone, but for maximalist designers, the cluttered, curated style feels like home.

Some key elements of maximalist home decor include:

  1. Rich, saturated colour palettes
  2. Eclectic mix of patterns and textures
  3. Layers of meaningful accessories and collections
  4. Gallery walls and clustered arrangements
  5. Customised furniture groupings
  6. Abundant, exuberant plantlife

Designing a Maximalism Home

Want to awaken your inner maximalist? Here’s how to plan your decor.

Choose a Colour Palette

Rich, saturated hues are a hallmark of maximalism. When selecting your colour scheme, look for bright jewel tones, deep vintage shades, or punchy primaries.

Aim for a colour palette that excites you. Don’t be afraid to combine colours in unexpected ways. Accent walls in bold colours also work beautifully.

Layer in Loads of Pattern

Pattern is integral to maximalist decor. Go wild mixing and matching prints in your space – the bolder, the better. Florals, geometrics, plaids, stripes, paisleys – everything is fair game.

Scale down massive patterns with small doses on pillows and accessories. Work patterned wallpaper into the mix. Upholster furniture in lively prints. Have fun!

Play with Texture

Varying textures add depth and dimension in a maximalist home. Incorporate loads of luxurious materials – velvet, leather, silk, wool, rattan, glass, and more.

Furry pillows, nubby wool rugs, smooth glass vases, ceramic lamps, wicker baskets – textures bring surfaces to life. Feel free to combine opposing textures too.

Arrange Meaningful Collections

Maximalists proudly put their favourite objects on display. Group together your most treasured belongings – books, plants, artwork, travel souvenirs, antique dishes, or other collections.

Cluster arrangements make items more impactful. This could mean gallery walls of art, shelves of beloved books, or clustered candles and vases.

Select Statement Furniture

Make a splash with bold, eye-catching furniture pieces. Look for vibrant colours, prominent shapes, or one-of-a-kind vintage and antique finds.

Customise furniture with fun fabrics, or give basic pieces personality with eclectic decor. Rotate favourite pieces seasonally.

Layers and Clutter

A maximalist home has a beautifully curated sense of clutter. The layered look comes from displaying cherished items abundantly.

Start by designating key areas to layer up, like bookcases, console tables, and shelves. Add clusters of accessories that make you happy. Result: a personalised space with you written all over it.

Add Lush Greenery

No maximalist space is complete without abundant plant life. Go big with statement botanicals like fiddle leaf figs, monstera, or palms. Add in colourful flowering plants and trailing vines.

Group plants of varying sizes and place them in unexpected spots like the floor, on stairs, or hanging from the ceiling. Let your indoor garden flourish!

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Room-by-Room Guide to Maximalist Decor

Ready to unleash maximalism room-by-room? Here’s how to bring this bold style to life in your home:

Living Room

As the heart of the home, the living room presents loads of opportunities to add maximalist flair.


Choose a vibrantly coloured sofa as a focal point. Add in eccentric chairs, ottomans piled with pillows, and customised seating. Arrange furniture in cosy groupings with side tables for displaying treasured items.

Wall Decor

Gallery walls let you exhibit art collections. Wallpaper or painted accent walls add striking colour. Arrange memories, photos, tapestries, and plates/platters.


Make a statement with metallic pendants, crystal chandeliers, or exotic lanterns. Add table and floor lamps for ambient lighting.


Place tall leafy plants in corners, trailing ivy on shelves, and small potted plants on side tables. Let greenery run wild!


Make your bedroom a maximalist haven with layers of colour, pattern, and custom details.


Choose vibrant, eclectic bedding and pile on the pillows in an array of fabrics. Add a quilted or tufted headboard.


Use bold wallpaper or painted murals to immerse you in colour. Accent walls work beautifully behind the bed.

Personal Touches

Display favourite books and travel souvenirs. Add family photos, art pieces, or other meaningful objects.

Seating Nooks

Set up a cosy reading corner with a chair, ottoman, side table, and floor lamp. This nook can hold treasured belongings.


The kitchen isn’t off limits for maximalism. This space offers chances to add personalised flair.


Opt for two-tone cabinetry, or paint the cabinets in a vibrant hue. Add glass-front cabinetry to display dish collections.


Choose a high-impact countertop material like quartz, handmade tiles, or terrazzo with swirls of colour.


Pick appliances in retro-inspired colours like fire-engine red, sunshine yellow, or robin’s egg blue. Hang utensils from the walls or ceilings.


Add patterned canisters, coloured glass jars, and whimsical kitchen signs. Use an eclectic mix of dishes.

What To Avoid With Maximalism?

While maximalism encourages bold self-expression through decor, it’s easy to let this style go overboard. Here are three common maximalist mistakes to avoid:


Too much stuff crowded into a space becomes visually overwhelming and physically stressful. Edit frequently and limit items to only your most beloved pieces. Rotate seasonal decor to keep clutter in check.

Mismatch Themes

Variety is great, but maximalist spaces still need some cohesion. Choose 2-3 dominant colours, patterns, or styles to repeat throughout as a unifying thread. Avoid completely mismatching themes in one room.

Ignore Functionality

Abundant decor can’t come at the cost of a room’s functionality. Make sure furniture is arranged usefully and walkways remain clear. Check that lighting is sufficient and pieces are usable. Maximalism works best when spaces stay livable.

Final Words

Maximalism home decor is all about infusing spaces with colours, textures, and treasures that spark joy. This bold, layered style provides a fun creative outlet for self-expression. If you thoughtfully plan your palette, patterns, and arrangements, you can design a personalised maximalist home that showcases your passions. Surround yourself with the items you adore to craft a space that boosts your mood.