Meet MZ Skin.

Meet MZ Skin.

MZ Skin, you won’t have heard of this brand yet, as it only launched exclusively in Harrods last week.

September 27th, 2016

MZ Skin, you won’t have heard of this brand yet, as it only launched exclusively in Harrods last week. However it’s a brand you need to familiarise yourself with and fast, as we can guarantee you would love this luxury skincare collection to feature on your dressing table.

Known for our love of luxurious things, there’s no surprise that we fell in love with MZ Skin. Founded by Dr Maryam Zamani; a highly respected Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic surgeon and leading aesthetic doctor. Dr Zamani was inspired by advanced clinical techniques and driven by the frustration of not being able to find skincare that she loves putting on her skin, that looks pretty and that actually works.

Maryam’s extensive experience with oculoplastic surgery and dermatology provides the perfect blend of facial aesthetic treatments that deliver the most natural results, combine this with Maryam’s genuine interest in her clients and you have the perfect formula. What’s more is Maryam has become and advocate user of her collection and recommended routine!

Formulated with research, innovation and pioneering ingredients, partnered with established, trusted actives, to deliver the essence of beautiful skin. The MZ Skin collection features five founding products that form a day and night routine; Cleanse & Clarify, Lift & Lustre, Hydrate & Nourish, Soothe & Smooth and Rest & Revive. All created for a simple yet effective skincare routine. The collection also features Hydra –Bright Golden Facial Mask, Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Mask and a natural Konjac sponge. These eight products are all you will ever need for glowing luminous skin; all under 100ml, perfect for jetsetters or those on the go!

Our writer, Vanessa, had the chance to sit down with Dr Zamani to discuss all things MZ Skin.

What is it for you that makes MZ Skin stand out from other skincare brands?

My products, work, they have specific targets and I’m working from first-hand experience. I’ve worked with damaged skin, I’ve seen the after results of surgery but I’ve learnt that prevention is the key. You don’t need to be 25 to have healthy glowing skin; you just need the right products. I’ve worked endlessly so that I will provide my clients with just that. MZ Skin is a luxury medical skincare brand that works, with feminine glamorous products; it fills a gap that was in the market.

Some of your products have unusual ingredients for example in Rest & Revive, there is placenta? Why have you chosen certain ingredients?

I wanted to ensure every ingredient made a difference to the skin; I didn’t want excess ingredients that had no purpose. I have been researching for years and taken many clinical trials, so for the placenta, stem cells rejuvenate the skin, so to apply this as your night cream, helps your skin heal and recover from the day.

Regarding ingredients, I suffer badly from eczema around my eyes, each one of your products has worked wonders for this, is this something you had in mind or just an added bonus?

Yes, this is definitely something I had in mind, I wanted everyone to be able to use and benefit from MZ Skin. The reason these products are working for your skin, is that the ingredients in them retain and maintain moisture; the ingredients are also of the highest grade and quality. Cleanse & Clarify is also a gentle exfoliator so removes unnecessary layers of skin and dirt without stripping away necessary oils. Hydration is key; especially living in an urban environment. All MZ Skin products have a minimum SPF of 30, as I think this is a factor that is so easily overlooked.

Obviously MZ Skin is a huge part of your life, how do you balance this, along with a family?

It’s very difficult, as I do a lot myself, I’m very hands on. I take my children to school, head to the office, pick my children up from school, do general mothering duties and once they’re in bed at 8pm, I exercise. It’s my release. Then from 9.30pm until around 12am, I work on MZ Skin. It’s busy but satisfying, I have a great team and I’m a multi-tasker, I love it.

Do you struggle to switch off from work?

In London, it’s very rare I switch off; I end up emptying my email inbox before bed. On holiday however, that’s when I truly disconnect from work and relax.

With such a busy schedule, what’s your favourite way to pamper yourself?

Sleep. Sleep is so important, that’s a real luxury to me. I also have a manicure and pedicure every week, that’s my little treat, it keeps me sane!

So, basically, MZ Skin is the perfect combination of science and beauty; created from a medical and experienced dermatology background, it not only feels glorious on the skin but it works wonders, is beautifully packaged, by a woman for women. This is the skincare collection you don’t want to be without.

Vanessa Gainford

Vanessa Gainford

Self-professed fragrance obsessed, Dubai-based Vanessa is a beauty and travel contributor. When not writing, you’ll find her meditating, swimming and/or sipping a cocktail (in Greece, preferably).