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On Trend Drinks This Dry January

On Trend Drinks This Dry January

On Trend Drinks This Dry January

January 11th, 2023

You’ve made it, you’re almost mid-way through Dry January but you are totally fed up with soft drinks, there’s only so many times you can enjoy a glass of coke before you reach for the wine.

This, my friends is where we can help. Dry January doesn’t have to be boring, it doesn’t have to be miserable. Think low ABV and non-alcoholic aperitifs, sparkling wines, spirits, cocktails and collaborations.


High Point, Ruby Aperitif, £19.99 (70cl), from High Point Drinks

Fermented, infused and blended on the wild coast of Cornwall using 100% natural ingredients. This non-alcoholic aperitif’s wild herbal aroma is followed by a cool wave of zest and spice, before kicking back with lasting bittersweet citrus. Mix 50ml High Point Ruby Aperitif with 200ml tonic water, poured over ice. Serve with a slice of pink grapefruit.

Citizen Spritz, Aperitif, £20 (500ml), from Citizen Spritz 

Deeply complex in flavour, the carefully crafted but simple-to-serve Citizen Spritz drinks create amazingly authentic non-alcoholic aperitifs. Whether your tipple of choice is a zesty Aperol spritz, a minty fresh mojito or a sweet and sharp pornstar martini, Citizen Spritz has an almost identical alcohol-free version to savour. With four flavours to choose from including, Bitter Orange, Cool Lime, Passion Fruit, and Pink Grapefruit.


Château del ISH, Sparkling White, around £12 (750ml), from ISH Spirits 

The bottle of sparkling white is based on a de-alcoholised blend of Pinot Blanc and Silvaner grapes. ISH has created a superior drink that delivers award-winning taste, that bridges playfulness with mindfulness, and facilitates occasions that fulfil both.

REAL Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea, £54 (6 x 750ml bottles), from Real Drinks 

Low in calories, low in sugar, gluten free, allergen free, all natural, no added flavours, and non-alcoholic this Sparkling Tea comes in two flavours. Royal Flush is made with first flush Darjeeling, which is then fermented to offer deep flavour and complexity. Dry Dragon is made using pan-fired Dragonwell green tea, which after fermentation gives a delicate and leafy undertone.


Inginious Gin, £26 (20cl), from Inginious Gin 

At only 0.2 units of alcohol per serve, it provides a great way to cut back on alcohol consumption and still enjoy the familiar G&T taste. Inginious Gin provides big flavour in small measures. It is made using a unique combination of twelve botanicals and you only need 5ml compared to the standard 50ml for a double serve of gin!

Atopia, Hedgerow Berry, £18 (70cl), from M&S (special offer until 24th Jan) or via Atopia Spirits

The perfect non-alcoholic option for any occasion, made through copper pot distillation and blended with natural botanicals, Atopia incorporates all-natural ingredients to create a delicious non-alcoholic tipple; uncompromising on taste. Try a Hedgerow Berries Spritz: 50ml Atopia Hedgerow Berry, 25ml Bottle Green Pomegranate & Elderflower Cordial, 100ml Fever Tree Tonic.

Pentire Drinks, January Bundle, £65, from Pentire Drinks 

Pentire Limited Edition January Bundle has been crafted especially for Dry January. The bundle consists of four bottles including, Pentire Adrift (70cl), and Pentire Seaward (20cl), both of which are non-alcoholic spirits. Plus Pentire Margarita (20cl), which is a non-alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktail, and Pentire Coastal Spritz (50cl), a non-alcoholic aperitif.

DryDrinker.com, Dry January Alcohol Free Kit, £68.38, from DryDrinker.com

A mix of spirits, wines, and No & Low alcohol beers. For beer fans, Lucky Saint’s Unfiltered Lager hits the spot. Wine lovers have three bottles, a 0.5% Cabernet Sauvignon from Ariel, Win-e Verejo’s Spanish Sparkling White, and Tempus Two’s Australian Pinot Grigio. The DryDrinker.com bundle is finished off with a bottle of Gordon’s Premium Pink (0.0%).


Tapp’d, Passionfruit Martini Mocktail, £15.99 (6 x 175ml bottles), from Tapp’d Cocktails 

Born in London and adopted by bars all over the world, the Pornstar Martini is a playful twist on the classic Martini and is one of the UK’s favourite cocktails. Tapp’d Cocktails have created the perfect bottled non-alcoholic alternative to this fruity favourite, with the Passionfruit Martini.

London Essence, Delicate Ginger Ale, £22 (24 x 200ml bottles), from London Essence 

London Essence produces exquisite mixers made from distilled botanicals. Introducing one of the non-alcoholic cocktails developed by Jesus Ortega Neri, at London Essence. This adventurous mocktail provides a luxurious twist to lift the spirits.

The Jasper

15ml Beetroot Juice, 10ml Clementine Juice, 15ml Blueberry Syrup, 100ml London Essence Delicate Ginger Ale. Pour ingredients into highball glass, except the ginger ale. Stir together until well mixed. Add ice cubes, then top with London Essence Delicate Ginger Ale, and garnish with orange twist.


Drinks Distilled x Crossip x Seed Library, Cocktail Kit, £65, from Drinks Distilled 

Spirits, bar and drinkware site Drinks Distilled has partnered with the award-winning, non-alcoholic spirits brand CROSSIP and east London cocktail bar Seed Library to launch a limited edition low ABV cocktail kit this January.

This kit focuses on the Surplus Cobbler Cocktail, created by Drinks Distilled Spirits Guide La’Mel, using CROSSIP Dandy Smoke. Inspired by Seed Library’s seasonal and sustainable approach to cocktail creation, the serve equates to just 0.5 units.

Housed in a Drinks Distilled gift box, the kit comes with a recipe card, full sized bottles of both CROSSIP Dandy Smoke and El Tequileño Blanco tequila, a sachet of Rare Tea Co. Chinese White Silver Tips loose tea, and a crystal double rocks glass, jigger and spoon.

Proxies x Dominique Crenn, Pétanque, available for pre-order at Drink Proxies

By blending wine grapes, fruits, teas, spices, and complex ferments, Proxies go way beyond the grape to capture everything that makes wine a great pairing with food.

Dominique Crenn is the chef and owner of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco - and the first and only female chef in the U.S. to have earned three Michelin stars.

Pétanque was created to enhance Atelier Crenn’s pescatarian menu, with an acid profile that stands up to classic French cuisine. Dominique was raised in Brittany, a region known for butter, shellfish and galettes. Crisp minerality echoes the salinity of Breton oysters, while herbal notes provide a foil for creamy Californian spot prawns, a stateside treat.

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