The summer heat may be gone and autumn on the horizon, but before we pack up our bikinis for good – we’re pulling out all the stops for the last picnic of the season. We’ve rounded up some of #TeamCoco’s favourite canned cocktails, seltzers and no-and-low alcohol drinks so you can enjoy your last summer barbecue in style.

Truly Hard Seltzers

We’re obsessed with Truly Hard Seltzers which offers its delicious seltzer blends in all shapes and sizes from cans, lemonade, iced tea, punch and even hard candies. These refreshing fizzy drinks offer a powerful vodka punch with just the right amount of sugar – so you can rest assured you won’t be suffering from a hangover the next day.

We love Truly classics like Wild Berry and Black Cherry, which will overload you with fresh summer flavours even well past the season.

Strykk Not Vanilla V*dka

Strykk’s non-alcoholic range of spirits is perfect for those on the mend after music festival season. Strykk is one of the first non-alcoholic brands to replicate the flavour of mainstream spirits, without 100% natural formulas that have no sugar, carbs nor any artificial flavouring. Strykk has just released a non-alcoholic Not Vanilla V*dka, the first of its kind in the UK, which is infused with Madagascan vanilla bean, and its absolutely delicious. It is also the key ingredient to creating a non-alcoholic Passionfruit Martini that’s easy on your liver.

Pale Fox Prosecco

Italian sparkling wine brand Pale Fox Prosecco promises to shake up your spritz game with these wonderfully aesthetic Wild Strawberry Spritz Kits. The kits are a pale-pink take on the classic Aperol Spritz and are based on Pale Fox’s signature Wild Strawberry Spritz cocktail.

Each kit includes a 75cl bottle of Pale Fox Single Estate Prosecco, 12ml of Bitter Amaro (a craft Italian Amaro that replaces the traditional Aperol in this light and sweet cocktail), 150ml Wild Strawberry Syrup, 330ml Dash Lemon and six juicy orange wheels to garnish. The kits, which come in a wonderfully elegant case and have everything you need to put together six delicious cocktails, minus all the mess. No wonder we’re so obsessed.

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