As all the major industries are moving into the digital world, the last thing you would expect to go digital would probably be tourism, but surprisingly this specific innovative service has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. As technology allows us to experience practically all sorts of entertainment online, with better and better quality it was just a matter of time before people started going sightseeing from their couches. Amidst the current state of the world, with the raging pandemic and the travel restrictions, this might appeal to a completely new group of people.
Cyber Tourism offers you to see all your favorite dream destinations without leaving your home and probably saving a lot of your hard-earned money. Cyber Tourism uses virtual reality technology to transport the user to completely different places. Originally meant to be used as just a promotion for future travels or the virtual reality technology itself, the service quickly found its user group and has been growing ever since.
There are a couple of countries that are better visited in real life, but there are also the ones that offer an extremely high-quality look at their reality and have offered a great service to hundreds of people for over a year now. We’ve combined a list of top 5 countries that you should visit while being a cyber tourist.
One of the best places to visit a cyber tourist would absolutely be Norway. The main criteria when choosing the country by this criteria is how much of the country you can experience online. Norway is one of the most tech-savvy countries across the whole of Europe and you will find that pretty much anything you want to see in Norway you can experience via VR, or just by accessing the internet.
One of the most famous things in Norway is the fjords, and you can actually enjoy them more via VR because you won’t need to go on exhausting 7 hour-long hikes for the view, you can experience it in its full glory via VR.
Another big factor in experiencing Norway as a local is actually their odd gambling scene. Norway has only 2 licensed casino operators in real life but online you can experience a much bigger variety of online casinos that will grant you a peep into what it’s like to gamble at Norwegian online casinos. While the monopoly is still very much prevalent, some casinos have managed to get accustomed to these circumstances and are actually trying to set up their websites in a way that would be understandable to foreigners who wish to experience Norwegian gambling without actually having to be there. Spinia online casino Norway introduced a lot of Red Tiger games to their platform just recently, as an effort to make the website more appealing to the foreigners. And other casinos will start to follow the example soon.
The U.S
For the majority of the world, The U.S is one of the top destinations. Granted there are probably very few cities that most tourist visits but the good news is that you can get the prime U.S experience online. Most of the sightseeing can actually be done through VR since the country is one of the leaders in innovative technology, they have mastered the art of creating an experience that matches pretty closely to the reality of actually being there. Any sightseeing destination you can name, there will be a VR experience for it. You can even tune in to some of the classic performances that happen in cities like Vegas and watch them live, purchase special tickets for getting the live broadcast of these events and so much more. The U.S is the country that very few people visit for the food. This is the topic that would likely divide people when it comes to virtual tourism because for places like France and Italy food is the crucial part of the experience Meanwhile the U.S is much more about the sightseeing and the entertainment, which luckily for you you can now get online, in the highest quality possible.
Australia has found a great use for cyber tourism to use as a tool to promote it’s beautiful and exciting nature and to attract more tourists in the meantime. This quickly turned into an industry of its own and now you can practically see all of the country’s wildlife and beautiful nature by tuning into VR.Australia also offers a lot of its entertainment services online, which is crucial for any cyber tourism experience. While it is famous for its luxurious resorts and hotels, you can really enjoy them fully digitally, but the upside is that you can enjoy the performances that occur in these glamorous places, most often free of charge and you can plan your cyber tour around these events in advance. There is a lot that still needs to be done when it comes to cyber tourism in Australia, but it is definitely one of the countries worth checking out if you have access to these services.


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