Prepping your mind and body for summer? Agua Spa at Sanderson has the answer.

This week, Team Coco were treated to an intimate three-course dinner at the Sanderson Hotel Aqua Spa.
To set the scene the 10,000 square-foot Agua Spa in London provides pampering, spiritual relief, and is the ultimate space for tranquility. With 14 all-white treatment rooms, chill-out zone, meditation beds and white ceiling to floor curtains, it’s not just the variety of rejuvenating treatments, that whisk you away from London life.
We enjoyed dishes and drinks selected from the new Wellbeing menu and  had the opportunity to discuss the new Wellbeing package with its creators; health consultant Karen Cummings-Palmer, globally renowned acupuncturist, Annee de Mamiel, Spa Director at Morgans Hotel Group, Jacqueline Kneebone and celebrity personal trainer, Jamie Baird. Could we have had better company?
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So, what was the reason we were treated to such a wonderful evening? Well the Sanderson Agua Spa is, as of 23rd May, launching an integrated approach to health and wellness, inside and out, to prime both the body and mind for summer. In order to create the package the Spa teamed up with top health experts from across the industry to create the ultimate wellbeing experience.

The package includes an overnight stay for two, a healthy breakfast, including sugar-free granola, fresh fruit smoothies and cold press coffee, a two course lunch or dinner from the Wellbeing Menu, a ‘Check In, Check Up’ package with nutritionist Karen Cummings-Palme and a 60-minute ‘de Mamiel Elixir Experience’ from Annee de Mamiel’s new Atmosphériques collection.

The replenishing and absolutely delicious Wellbeing menu, as curated by Karen, is designed to feed faces and fuel bodies. Focusing on multi-tasking ingredients, the protein-rich Teff Probiotic Bowl and the Vitamin C-packed Seaweed Super Salad enhance skin luminosity and increase energy levels, while smooth frothy Matcha Green Tea boosts both mood and metabolism.  Refined carbohydrates and gluten are avoided and all ingredients are locally sourced, seasonal and organic where possible. Karen is also the expert who will be offering the  ‘Check In, Check Up’ health consultations and follow-up Skype sessions.

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For  the ‘de Mamiel Elixir Experience’, Annee de Mamiel, is offering guests the opportunity to experience her brand new, pollution proof, Atmosphériques collection. Designed over five years, guests will be treated to the ‘a 60 minute treatment which has been specially created to combat the damaging effects of environmental stress and rejuvenate the skin. Much needed for millennials.

If that’s not enough for you,there is also the option to have additional treatments, including personal training sessions with Jamie Baird.

The package is priced from £745 and is available until 31st August 2016. With an overnight stay in such a serene environment, gorgeously healthy menus, glorious treatments and top expert advice, the Wellbeing package is the perfect way to treat yourself, your mind and body.

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