In the world of artistry and design, there are those who dare to push the boundaries, challenge conventions, and breathe life into their creations. Laura Wnuk, a name synonymous with innovation and originality, is one such visionary. Her journey from studying graphic design to becoming a creator of unique ceramic objects and jewellery is a testament to the power of artistic evolution.

House of Coco had the privilege of sitting down with Laura Wnuk to delve deep into her artistic odyssey, exploring her inspirations, creative process, and unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Her story is one of transformation, as she seamlessly fuses diverse influences – from Native American culture to the picturesque landscapes of Greece – into her work, crafting wearable art that transcends mere accessories.

In this exclusive interview, Laura shares her insights on staying true to one’s essence amidst evolving trends, the profound importance of creating one-of-a-kind pieces in a world consumed by fast fashion, and the magic that happens when diverse artistic disciplines converge. Her work is not just about aesthetics; it’s about making a statement, igniting a sense of individuality, and inspiring others to embrace their uniqueness.

Laura Wnuk’s creations are not accessories; they are significant, powerful, and laden with meaning. Join us as we embark on a captivating journey into the world of Laura Wnuk, where artistry, sustainability, and originality intersect, and where her pieces become not just objects of admiration but reflections of personal identity…

Can you tell us about your journey from studying graphic design to becoming a creator of unique ceramic objects and jewelry? What inspired this transition?

After earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, I pursued further studies in fine art. During my master’s degree, I had the opportunity to take jewellery and Metalsmith courses in the USA with an exceptional teacher who taught me how to craft wearable objects with a meaningful concept. It was then that I realised that jewelry was more than just an accessory; it held a deeper significance.

Back in France, I crossed paths with a talented ceramist during my master’s program who imparted valuable knowledge about working with clay. She emphasised the importance of conceptual thinking. This ignited my passion for the sculptural approach to creating wearable objects, and it all began in 2018.

While graphic design and ceramics may seem like vastly different practices, I view them through a similar lens. Although the medium differs, my creative process remains consistent: conceptualizing and achieving the perfect composition by balancing various elements. Whether in design, art, or any artistic pursuit, it always boils down to achieving balance.

Your work seamlessly blends elements of sculpture, design, fashion, and nature. How do these diverse influences converge in your creations, and what role does each play in your design process?

It’s challenging to separate these four elements in my creative process because they intertwine in the shapes, materials, and colours I use. For instance, take the LEOUBE necklace; it combines elements of nature, sculpture, and fashion in an inseparable way, resulting in a unique piece.

Sculpture, design, fashion, and even nature have all been sources of inspiration for me throughout my artistic journey. I don’t perceive one artistic practice without the influence of another, as each element leads to another in a continuous loop. In this idea of uniqueness, I believe all these influences are reflected.

Many artists and designers are drawn to the world of fast fashion and mass production. What motivated you to step away from these industry norms and focus on creating one-of-a-kind pieces?

I believe that an increasing number of designers are moving away from fast fashion, driven by a desire to reshape our values and approach to the future. Stepping away from fast fashion means taking the time to think, create, and live with passion. This allows me to create unique objects, although not everyone chooses this path.

Could you describe your creative process for shaping and assembling your ceramic pieces by hand? How do you ensure that each piece is truly unique?

My creative process always begins with a sketch. Once the design is finalised, I shape the clay and fire it at 980°C for the first time. After firing, I meticulously sand it, especially for jewelry pieces, until it achieves a perfectly smooth finish. This sanding step is time-consuming but crucial for ensuring quality.

Next, I either glaze the piece or leave it raw, depending on the initial concept, and it undergoes a second firing at 1250°C to achieve ceramic’s durability. I then assemble the creation using Sterling silver components, rope, shells, or other materials, all dependent on the original idea. Sometimes, if a piece doesn’t turn out as expected, I set it aside until inspiration strikes for a new use. Nothing goes to waste in my studio; I’m a true collector.

With the exception of my ‘Perpetuel’ collection, each creation is unique. Even for ‘Perpetuel,’ where I create small series, each piece is made by hand, guaranteeing its uniqueness—a critical aspect of my work.

You mentioned drawing inspiration from your travels in Greece, Native American culture, and Asia. How do these cultural influences manifest in your work, and can you share a specific piece that was heavily influenced by your travels?

Each creation reflects a blend of these cultural influences through shapes, layering, and colors, but every collection has its distinct essence.

For instance, ‘Virage’ and ‘Perpetuel’ both feature circular forms, which hold significance in Native American culture as symbols of life. In Greek culture, circles represent the concept of no beginning and no end, signifying infinite possibilities. These circular elements, when combined with other shapes and materials, result in a unique and contemporary combination. The circle serves as my foundation, my endless source of inspiration, and it permeates all my creations.

If I were to select a piece heavily influenced by my travels, it would be MERAPI, which evokes the image of the iconic white Greek houses against the backdrop of the blue sea. However, it’s challenging to single out just one piece, as all my creations bear the imprint of my travel experiences.

Your creations are renowned for their longevity and hypoallergenic qualities. Could you explain the techniques and materials you use to achieve this durability and safety for wearers?

When it comes to my jewellery, porcelain, contrary to popular belief, is a remarkably robust material with natural longevity. It can be easily cleaned with soap and lukewarm water and is designed to last a lifetime. I combine porcelain with Sterling silver, another durable and hypoallergenic material. Comfort and quality are paramount, as I ensure that wearers’ skin will not react negatively to my creations. It’s worth noting that, like any object, porcelain can be sensitive to impact, especially on hard surfaces, so care is essential, just as you would handle your favorite plate or mug.

Breaking away from the traditional realm of ceramics is a bold move. How do you approach combining colours, shapes, and materials to infuse a modern touch into your work while preserving elegance and allure?

As a student, my primary focus was on “memory” and the “re-appropriation of elements,” akin to upcycling in art. This concept remains deeply ingrained in my artistic practice and is expressed today through the fusion of different materials with ceramics. You could say that my connection with graphic design is evident in the interplay of textures and combinations.

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability and ethical practices, how do you incorporate these principles into your work, particularly in the context of ceramics and jewellery?

Transitioning away from fast fashion was my initial step toward sustainability. The materials I employ are primarily sourced from Europe, particularly France and Germany. Additionally, I often collect materials during my travels. I make an effort to collaborate with local businesses whenever possible. In my daily work, I’m a true collector and a nature enthusiast, committed to repurposing and recycling materials, whether it’s a broken piece or clay that I can reuse.

Could you share a particularly challenging or rewarding project that you’ve worked on? What made it stand out for you, and what did you learn from the experience?

Every day brings new challenges when working with ceramics. It’s a material that constantly evolves, and sometimes, the results don’t align with our expectations. This can be quite frustrating, especially for someone as perfectionistic as I am. However, I’ve learned to embrace surprises and exercise patience.

Your pieces are described as becoming “important” rather than mere accessories. What do you hope people feel or experience when they wear or display your creations?

My goal is for people to view my creations as unique objects that serve as focal points, inspiring them in their own way. Rather than being considered mere accessories, I want these pieces to contribute to expressing one’s personality.

The concept of “originality” is central to your work. How do you stay innovative and continue pushing the boundaries of your craft in a world where trends are constantly evolving?

This is indeed a challenging task. It can be difficult to avoid being heavily influenced by trends, especially in the era of social media. However, staying true to one’s essence is paramount. While it’s important to be aware of what’s happening around us and draw inspiration from others, maintaining our core identity is the key.

Collaboration often leads to exciting and unexpected outcomes. Have you ever collaborated with other artists or designers, and if so, what resulted from those collaborations?

I haven’t had the opportunity to collaborate since I transitioned away from graphic design, but I’m definitely open to it. Collaborating with other creative individuals, sharing ideas and designs, adds a new dimension to the creative process and can yield remarkable results.

Looking ahead, what are your future aspirations for your studio and your work? Are there any upcoming projects or developments that you can share with us?

I’ve been harboring a project for the past two years—a new wearable object that goes beyond traditional jewelry. It will be a colorful accessory that complements my existing line of mixed materials to create unique pieces. However, I’ll keep the rest of the details a secret for now!

Our readers are avid travelers. What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

Every place holds its own unique charm, making it difficult to choose. However, I can’t go a year without visiting Greece. Its captivating islands and diverse landscapes each exude a distinct atmosphere that I find absolutely fascinating.

Where can people follow you and find out more?

To stay updated on my creations and learn more about my work, please visit my website at You can also follow me on Instagram or on Facebook @LauraWnuk. Join me on my journey of promoting uniqueness!


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