Many of us have a room in our home that is used as a dumping ground. We throw all of our junk in there and forget about it. Why not make the most of this extra space and turn it into something usable? Here are 6 great ways to utilize your spare room.

A Bedroom

If you are expecting guests, a new baby, or a family member is coming to live with you; you can turn your spare room into a bedroom. If the room is small, consider furnishing it with a single bed or a sofa bed that can be folded up and used to sit when the room is not being used for sleeping. If you are in a hurry to get the room ready and do not have time to shop around bedding stores for a mattress, look online for the best mattress in a box. The mattress will be delivered to your door in a conveniently sized package that is easy to carry upstairs and through doorways.

A Craft Room or Art Studio

Turn the room into a craft room or art studio if you are a creative type. Lay a flooring such as laminate or vinyl that is easy to clean if you spill paint or glue on it. Buy a large table or make one from a laminate worktop placed on top of storage drawers or shelves. If you enjoy sewing, make sure you get a table big enough to lay large pieces of material on. You could even stick a ruler to the edge of the table to help you will measure fabric.

You will need plenty of storage for your art and craft supplies, so install a combination of cupboards and drawers around the room and utilize every available piece of space. Remember to buy a piece of storage furniture that is large enough to house large pieces of paper or cardboard – an architect’s chest of drawers is ideal for this.

A Playroom

If you have kids, you could make a fun playroom for them. Paint the walls with their favorite colors, or even get them or a professional to paint a mural on the walls. Furnish the room with child-friendly furniture such as beanbags and a wipeable leather sofa. Store toys in colorful boxes, add labels to them detailing their contents, and place them in a shelving unit with pigeonholes to fit the boxes.

A Cinema Room

A cinema room is a great luxury to have if you and your family are movie buffs. Set up the home theater yourself or get a professional in to do it. Purchase a large screen television or a projector and screen and mount it on a wall, and get some quality speakers to give you the best surround sound. Furnish the room with a large, squishy sofa or some recliner chairs complete with drink holders. If the room is flooded with sunlight, dress the windows with blackout curtains or blinds or install wooden shutters to block out as much light as possible. Paint the walls in a dark color and lay some dark flooring, perhaps adding a splash of vibrant color and style with a Custom Neon Sign from Neon Filter or a similar store. Bring some extra luxury to the room with the addition of a fridge freezer filled with drinks, ice cream, and tasty snacks.

Home Office

In 2021, more people are being forced to work from home due to the threat of Covid 19, so you may have to make your spare room into a home office. You will need a desk, a chair, and some storage. If you need a computer to do your work, ensure you have an internet connection and a comfortable ergonomic chair to sit on all day. Make the office as enjoyable to work in as possible by placing your desk near a window so you can enjoy the view, hang some of your favorite art on the wall, or some photographs of your family. Decorate the room in soothing colors and ensure the room’s temperature is kept at a comfortable level.

A Therapy Room

Perhaps you have a business which you can run from home. If you are a beauty therapist, a nail technician, massage therapist, dog groomer, counselor, or hairdresser, you could set up the room as a therapy room. You may have to apply to run your business from home with your local council and arrange suitable insurance before you start. Running a business from home can be a great idea as you have no commute, and you can choose work hours to suit.


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