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Safe as houses: using hedging in your family garden

Safe as houses: using hedging in your family garden

Safe as houses: using hedging in your family garden

January 3rd, 2023

When you have pets and children, you may need to put a lot of thought into how to best keep them safe. This could involve making changes within your home and garden. When it comes to outdoor spaces, you may want to think about not only how hedges could benefit your family, but also how they can help to prevent damage from occurring in certain parts of the garden, especially those that you want to keep your children and pets away from. Taking time to consider this, particularly before your baby is born, could help to prevent incidents in the future.

Stop people from looking in

It can be a little unnerving to let your dogs out into the garden, or allow your children to play unaccompanied, if people on the street can see their every move. This is where tall Laurel hedging could be of great use. Rather than taking the wonders of outdoor play away from your kids and pets, you could instead make the area safer. That being said, you may still want to stay close so that your children are in view, or so that you can keep an ear out for issues. This can also be a good way of preventing your children or pets from interacting with those strangers.

Prevent tragedy from occurring

You may want to consider how busy the roads can be surrounding your home. Each year, around 16,000 children are injured or killed due to road dangers. While some of these may occur when out walking, cycling, or in the car with family, some may be due to a lack of boundaries surrounding the family home. Putting dense hedging in place could help to keep your children within the garden where they will be much safer. Likewise, the same can also be said for pets, especially dogs. Them running out into the road could not only put them at risk, but also other road users. Checking that your front and back gardens are secure prior to allowing pets or children out could be a good idea.

Keep your garden secure

Hedging doesn’t just help to keep your children and pets in place. It could also be used as a way of obstructing certain parts of the garden. Some people like to grow fruit and vegetables at home. Children or animals may easily be able to damage your crops, making that work pointless. By using low hedging that you can step over, you could create barriers that stop them from being able to enter certain areas. Discussing those boundaries, and why they are in place, with your children can also be a good way of teaching them to be more mindful.

Spending time outdoors can be a wonderful way for your children to play, as well as develop a love of being outside and respecting nature. Likewise, animals may also benefit from time outside of the home. Planting hedges in your garden could help to maximise everyone’s enjoyment of the space, and even reduce the number of risks associated with doing so.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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