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Selecting the Right Clothes for your Kibbe Body Type to help you love your Body Type

Selecting the Right Clothes for your Kibbe Body Type to help you love your Body Type

November 14th, 2022

Here at House of Coco magazine, we believe that women should love their body no matter what shape or size and the best way to do that is to realise that you are perfect as you are. The important thing is to remember that even Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez have body hangups, wishing they had fuller lips or a defining characteristic that would make them unique, so recognising that women that you look up to also have issues, should help you get a little bit closer to loving yourself as you are.

As we all know, human bodies and body flesh are unique in shape and size. Still, according to many experts, we can categorize them into several body types. Over the years, people have come up with many classifications. One of the most popular among them is the Kibbe body type system.

What is the Kibbe Body Type System?

In 1987, David Kibbe, a successful New York City-based stylist, released his book Metamorphosis. In it, he revealed his idea of the different body shapes, from the lithe and lean body to the kibbe body types, the yin and yang. According to the Kibbe body type system, there are five primary types and eight mixed body types. What made this system different was its primary focus on the link between a person's appearance and clothes. In other words, learning about your Kibbe body type will help you determine your perfect outfit. Remember that it's not just the body that's taken into account here; your personality plays a role too. The various types include:

  • Natural

  • Dramatic

  • Flamboyant natural

  • Flamboyant gamine

  • Soft dramatic

  • Classic

  • Soft classic

  • Soft natural

  • Romantic

  • Theatrical romantic

  • Soft gamine

  • Gamine

What to wear based on Kibbe body typing?

Since there are five main types, we will focus on these ones in our blog post. You can make small changes based on your personality if needed.


The dramatic type's tall, angular, and vertical body type also includes noticeable yang features in facial and body structure features. For this Kibbe body type, it's best to emphasize the waist. Wide leg jeans with a high waist and a simple shirt can do the job. This is an ideal combo for a casual outfit.


The name says it all. These people don't need much exercise to make their muscles visible. They also have straight figures and wide faces. According to Kibbe, this is the so-called soft yang. The best options for these individuals include straight and/or relaxed clothes. Simple straight skirts can look great on them. If they want to wear accessories, they should focus on minimalist designs.


The classic category includes women with moderate height and hips, defined waist, slightly lithe and bust of almost equal proportion. This means they are the opposite of the hourglass figure. As for their faces, they have symmetrical facial features. If you belong to this category, look for cotton blouses with smooth lines and narrow jackets. Experiment with multiple colors that don't contrast each other and channel your best Marilyn Monroe.


Gamine people are usually shorter than ordinary people. Still, they have lean bodies that might be a bit muscular, and their hips and bust are flatter than usual. If you want to emphasize your unique figure, you should wear a slim dress in striking colors. Sharp edges in any piece of clothing are also a good idea.

Romantic Body Type

Petite to moderate, with strong vertical lines – that's how we can describe the height of the romantic Kibbe body type. People with a delicate bone structure (like Grace Kelly who has delicate facial features), they have small bones, but the body type can be broad. In addition, you can expect curvy hips and bustlines and a small waist. When it comes to clothes, make sure to emphasize your waist. Additionally, they should highlight your curves.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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