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Setting Resolutions: 4 New Year’s Resolutions To Consider for 2022

Setting Resolutions: 4 New Year’s Resolutions To Consider for 2022

A new year can mean new beginnings. A fresh start to do things differently.

November 28th, 2021

A new year can mean new beginnings. A fresh start to do things differently. Many use the start of a new year to change aspects of their lifestyle, whether to exercise more or implement healthier eating habits.

The new year is often the time where we set goals we hope to achieve within the year. Last year, 44% of people planned to set resolutions, with losing weight being the most common goal.

A healthier lifestyle is not the only goal to set. There is a vast range of targets that you can aim for to make a memorable year. If you are struggling with thinking of goals you want to accomplish for 2022, here are a few ideas worth considering.

Build A Better Budget

Are you looking to buy a house in the upcoming year? Do you have a financial goal that you want to reach? Do you find that you struggle handling your finances? If so, the start of the new year could be your time to build a better budget and start saving towards your big financial goal.

Look at what you earn each money. Calculate how much you will have left after bills. You can calculate how much can go into savings and what is for necessities.

When you improve how you manage money, you are one step closer to achieving your goals. It will also help you maintain these better financial practices that you can continue using after meeting the goals you set yourself. Learning about money management skills can also help you with reducing stress levels.

Take Time For Yourself

Recent events have highlighted the importance of taking care of yourself. For 2022, you may want to consider finding time in your busy schedule to take care of yourself. It is easy to get swept up in the busyness of daily life, causing you to forget to check in with yourself to see how you are doing.

Look for ways to practice self-care, enabling you to relax and relieve your feelings of stress. You may choose to spend time away from your phone or look at a screen. Instead, use that time away from technology to go on a walk, write in your journal or practice meditation.

Find products that could help you relax as well. A popular choice is CBD. Many users find it can help them reduce their stress levels and to feel calm. You can find full spectrum CBD oil online, many of which are available in different dosage amounts. After choosing the perfect dosage for you, you can use the full spectrum CBD oil to help you relax and reduce your stress levels.

Aim To Be More Present

The future is out of your control. You cannot change the past. What you can control and what you can focus on is the present. A goal for the new year could be trying to be more present in the day. Look for things to do now that could help in preparing you for moments that occur in the future. For example, create a list of what needs completing in the week. It will help you have a more productive week, as you have set tasks that need completing.

Another way to be more present is through practising mindfulness and meditation. It forces you to be present at the moment. You take in the sounds, smells and feelings that surround you. These are both techniques that can help you to be more present and help you to relax.

Set Realistic Goals

You can easily get carried away with setting goals for the new year. Many of which you are unlikely to achieve. When you look to set goals, ensure that you don’t aim too high and create unrealistic goals impossible to achieve. If you do, you will set yourself up for disappointment come to the end of the year when you have not accomplished what you wanted to achieve.

Set yourself realistic goals. Allow for some flexibility with your goals. It is impossible to know what the year will hold. Meaning it is possible for something unexpected will occur that could prevent you from achieving your goals. If this were to happen, ensure that you can alter your targets accordingly. It will allow you to have a target to work hard to achieve. It will be more achievable given the new circumstances.

As you look to set your resolutions, consider the amount you set. Similar to creating goals too high, ensure that you are not aiming to accomplish too many goals. You could be left disappointed at the end of the year for not achieving the long list of resolutions you set yourself.

Resolutions are an excellent way to put you on a path to have a great year. Aim to set out of your comfort zone a bit and set goals that will make you happy once you achieve them. It can help to make for a memorable 2022.



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